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10 Best Yoga Wheels of 2023 | Top Picks with Reviews

Both beginners and pros can stretch in style with the striking but functional Yoga Design Lab Yoga Wheel. 


Last Updated: January 25, 2023

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Relatively new to the yoga realm, the wheel is best used for stretching or rolling hard-to-access body parts, particularly the back. Used correctly, it improves flexibility, relieves muscle pain and tightness, and make backbends approachable for beginners. It's not as popular as a yoga strap or bolster, but you'll find top yoga wheels on the wish list of every asana-obsessed yogi.

“A wheel is not just for rolling and pain relief. It's equally useful for preventing injury, post-surgery recovery, better posture, and going deeper into yoga poses. Moreover, it's perfect for opening the chest and shoulders before pranayama,” says Jenna Dowell, a yoga instructor, and physical therapist.


But what differentiates a good yoga wheel from a bad one, and with dozens of products on the market, how can you pick the perfect one for your needs? To save you hours of research, we compiled the top yoga wheels on the market with consideration for diverse needs and budgets. Our top picks include all standard size wheels, including a mini wheel, back pain bundle, and collapsible foam roller. We've also included buying advice and a quick recap of the benefits of using one. 

Best Yoga Wheels: Our Top Picks

The Yoga Design Lab Yoga Wheel is the best all-around prop for yoga enthusiasts, no matter your style or skill level. It strikes an excellent balance between form and function, making it our favorite yoga wheel on the market.


The Reehut Yoga Wheel costs half the price of our out pick but holds up reasonably well when put through the paces. That said, it only supports up to 330 lbs. of weight, so it may not suit be the best prop for plus-size yogis.

The Acumobility Yoga Wheel works wonders for back pain thanks to its proprietary bumpy tread. However, the Chirp+ Yoga Wheel Set is a mother-of-all kit, featuring 4 wheels with carrying cases and a back brace/posture corrector. 


Here are the best yoga wheels to deepen your stretches in style. 



1. Best Overall: Yoga Design Lab Yoga Wheel

"Functional and gorgeous, this is our favorite yoga wheel on the market."

Best Yoga Wheel

Key Features:

  • Material: ABS, cork

  • Size: 12.6" x 5" 

  • Max weight: 550 lbs.

  • Weighs: 3.1 lbs.

  • Colors: 3

Determined to turn heads, this eco-friendly yoga wheel is made from recyclable materials and printed with non-toxic dyes. It features an ABS frame topped with foam and a thin outer layer of cork. The cork surface is anti-slip, sweat resistant, and stenciled with eye-catching prints. The yoga wheel ships with a posig guide for beginers and can handle up to 550 lbs. of weight.  

What we think:

The Yoga Design Lab yoga wheel’s opulent design definitely looks more better in person. In practice, the non-slip surface offers solid support for backbends and chest openers. The wheel performs well when pushed to limits and the weight capacity is sufficient to pull of just about any yoga pose. Lovely stuff!

Frugal yogis may find the cost prohibitive, but this yoga wheel provides good value. The gorgeous mandala prints over cork also make it one of the best props for yoga influencers. The only drawback, if at all, is that you can't buy this prop in another size (or as a set of three). Luckily, it's the standard size. 

Best Overall

2. Best for Beginners: REEHUT Yoga Wheel

"The top yoga wheel for novices and yogis on a tight budget."

Yoga wheel for beginners

Key Features:

  • Material: ABS, TPE

  • Size: 12.6" x 5"  

  • Max weight: 330 lbs.

  • Weighs: 2.86 lbs.

  • Colors: 5

The Reehut yoga wheel features a 12.6" TPE plastic core and hybrid foam layer for impact resistance and cushioning. Its max weight capacity is 330 lbs, roughly 200 pounds less than other wheels in this roundup. But it has thousands of positive customer reviews to back up its performance on the mat. The wheel is available in vivid colors and as a set of three wheels of different size.

What we think:

Simple but dependable, Reehut offers a no-frills wheel to meet the needs of beginners and enthusiasts. It ticks all the boxes and come with an e-guide to help get you off the ground running (or rolling!). The best part is you can remove the padded foam layer and clean it separately, which is defintely handy. Overall, it's a yoga wheel of value if you don't want to get spendy.

Best for Beginners

3. Best Set: Ajna Wellbeing Yoga Wheel Set

"The best yoga wheel set to practice a range of balances, no matter your size."

Yoga Wheel Set of 3

Key Features:

  • Material: ABS, rubber

  • Size: 6", 10", 13" (D)

  • Max weight: 550 lbs.

  • Weight: Varies

  • Colors: 4 

While there are lots of yoga wheel sets on the market, the Ajna Wellbeing wins our top spot thanks to it's striking and sustainable design. It's essentially a set of three yoga wheels that are 6, 10, and 13 inches in diameter. Each wheel has a ABS core coated with 100% natural rubber. The set is solid in four colors with Mandala prints and includes an e-book with yoga wheel poses for beginners. 


What we think:


If you are dead set on improving balance, building core strength, and increasing flexibility, this Ajna yoga wheel set delivers the best bang for your buck. Between the three sizes, you can target all body parts, master backbends, improve flexibility, and restore your spine's natural curvature. 

In a word, a good yoga wheel set greatly expand your options, and this one is perfect for a creative and versatile yoga practice. Moreover, it only costs a hair more than our top pick, which is just a single wheel. Of course, you can also buy any individual wheel if you don't need all three. But what's the fun in that?

Best Wheel Set

4. Best Reviews: UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel

"This best-selling yoga wheel has flattering reviews on every platform."

Popular Yoga Wheel

Key Features:

  • Material: ABS, foam

  • Size: 12 x 5 

  • Max weight: 550 lbs.

  • Weighs: 3.4 lbs.

  • Colors: 4

This Upcircleseven prop is one of the top yoga wheels on the market, found in nearly all 'best yoga wheel' compilations. It features a non-flexing ABS frame and an 8mm foam cushion with a sticky surface. The wheel is mainly for yoga, but can be used for back pain relief and correcting posture. It comes in three sizes, 6, 10, and 12 inches - the length of standard yoga wheels on the market.

What we think:


The Upcircleseven yoga wheel is an excellent aid for restorative yoga and pain-relieving stretches. It has the best weight handling capacity in this price bracket and an impressive non-slip tread that resists tears, sweat, bacteria, and odor. We particularly like the 3/4 inch foam cushion (8mm) because it evenly distributes pressure throughout the surface, which both beginners and pros will appreciate.   


With 5k+ glowing customer reviews, this yoga wheel has the stamp of approval from the yoga community. It's a straightforward choice if you don't like to fuss over gear. Moreover, it's available in all sizes, multiple colors, and as a set of 3, so you can easily find the best fit for your practice. 

Best Reviews

5. Best for Back Pain: Acumobility Yoga Wheel

"The best yoga wheel for back pain relief and releasing triggers/knots."

Best Yoga Wheel for Back Pain

Key Features:

  • Material: ABS, foam

  • Size: 11" x 7"  

  • Max weight: 1000 lbs.

  • Weighs: 3.24 lbs.

  • Colors: 4

From releasing tightness to aiding post-surgery recovery, this chiropractor-designed yoga wheel is perfect for back pain relief. It has a robust plastic core, non-toxic EVA foam padding and four rows of deep massage bumps on the surface. The wheel is available in four colors and supports up to 1000 lbs. of weight, making it suitable for just about anyone. It's also an Amazon bestseller with nearly 7k reviews glowing reviews, though it doesn't quite scream yoga.


What we think:


With 11" x 7" dimensions, this yoga wheel is wide enough to support your hips and high enough to raise your legs while back rolling. It grips the floor well, and the patented bumpy pattern massages both sides of the spine. That said, the wheel is mainly for sciatica pain and cracking/massaging the back, which is it does brilliantly. But inflexible beginners can use this wheel to improve flexibility and yoga pros can use it for relaxing massages or faster recovery.

Best for Back Pain

6. Best Mini: Shogun Mini Yoga Wheel

"The best mini yoga wheel for deep pressure and myofascial release."

Mini Yoga Wheel (6-inches)

Key Features:

  • Material: ABS, foam

  • Size: 6" x 5.5"  

  • Max weight: 500 lbs.

  • Weight: 3 lbs.

  • Colors: 2

The Shogun Sports mini yoga wheel is designed to roll out muscles to reduce tension, relieve chronic back pain, and improve flexibility. It features a solid 6-inch ABS frame and ¾ inch foam padding with a skid-resistant surface. This mini yoga wheel is perfect for muscle rolling and targeting hard-to-access body parts. It's a great way to release the crakin' if you already own a 12-inch diameter wheel.

What we think:


​This nifty mini yoga wheel has all the desirable attributes - it's durable, well-made, functional, and affordable. Being the smallest size, it's travel-friendly, sturdy, and able to support up to 500 pounds. It's definitely better than a foam roller to target the back, and reasonably good for rolling smaller body parts like the hamstring. 


That said, a mini wheel has niche uses and is best used to complement a 12 or 10-inch yoga wheel. We don't recommend smaller sizes for beginners as they can feel intense, almost torturous at times. It's best to work your way down in size, so start with a 12-inch diameter wheel for the lowest pressure.

Best Mini

7. Best Large: Chirp XL Yoga Wheel

"The best yoga wheel for functional conditions or tight back muscles."

Large Yoga Wheel

Key Features:

  • Material: ABS, foam 

  • Size: 10" x 7" 

  • Max weight: 500 lbs.

  • Weight: 3.70 lbs.

  • Colors: 1

Fresh on the market, the Chirp XL is the (ginormous) love child of a yoga wheel and foam roller. It has an ABS inner ring - seven inches wide and ten inches in diameter - covered with a 50% thicker EVA foam cushion. The wheel is PVC-free, built like a tank, and can support up to 500 pounds. But we mainly featured it because a 7-inch wide wheel can do things a standard yoga wheel cannot.


What we think:


The Chirp XL yoga wheel has a proprietary "spinal canal" - a groove that runs the length of the outer surface. You must align your spine with the "canal" and roll the device to apply pressure on the area that sits in the groove. Subsequently, the wheel will decompress the spine, helping you feel less stiff and fully relaxed.


The wheel is perfect if you need a prop to warm up or wind down before or after a yoga workout. We give it a perfect score for comfort, ease of use, effectiveness, and value. Moreover, the thick padding is very forgiving, and the wide base requires less balance, so it's an excellent yoga wheel for beginners

Best Large

8. Best Cork: Inviguri Yoga Wheel

"A cork yoga wheel that's eco-friendly and economical."

Cork Yoga Wheel

Key Features:

  • Material: 100% Cork

  • Size: 10" x 6"  

  • Max weight: 550 lbs.

  • Weight: 1.3 lbs.

  • Colors: Natural

This physio-designed yoga wheel is constructed with sustainable and ethically-sourced Portuguese cork. It features a wide tread with rounded edges and specially designed grooves for deep stretching. The wheel is available in two sizes - six and ten-inch rollers that can support up to 800 and 500 pounds, respectively.


What we think:


The Inviguri wheel is a hybrid between a chiropractic roller and a cork yoga wheel. So, it can be used for various tasks - improving flexibility, toning muscles, and performing yoga poses. It's also suitable for back pain relief and realigning the spine's natural curvature. The wheel weighs less than 5 pounds, making it travel-friendly, but you'll need a large-sized yoga bag to transport it.


Overall, this solid core cork yoga wheel is multifaceted and versatile. The 10-inch wheel is ideal for improving flexibility, mobility, and core strength - essential skills for asana practice. The 6-inch wheel applies intense pressure, not recommended for beginners. Advanced yogis can buy a set of two to work every body part. 

Related: 7 Best Cork Yoga Mat that are Grippy, High-Value, and Eco-Friendly

Best Cork Wheel

9. Best for Travel: Brazyn Morph Foam Roller

"This top-rated travel foam roller can be the Robin to your Bat Wheel."

Best travel foam roller

Key Features:

  • Material: Bamboo

  • Size: 13.5" x 5.5" 

  • Max capacity: N/A

  • Weight: 1.5 lbs.

  • Colors: Black, Orange

A foam roller loosens thin tissue layers around muscles, which is immensely helpful before or after workouts. It's not an alternative to a wheel but a superb sidekick, complimenting it as nothing else can. After a lot of back and forth, we recommend the Brazyn Morph Foam Roller (Bravo) to round out your yoga prop collection. Handcrafted in Europe, this roller is essentially sixty pieces assembled into a collapsible design. A rope tug expands the device into a 14.5 inches long roller. Likewise, it collapses flat when you push one end firmly.


What we think:

The Brayzn foam roller is available in two versions and colors: Alpha or Bravo in Midnight Black and Sunset Orange. The Bravo version, we believe, is best for mild-intensity pre or post-yoga rolling. It applies even pressure to release tightness but not so hard to cause bruising - perfect to target tight glutes or loosen the legs. Yogis can definitely use it to increases mobility and blood flow in the muscles.


Moreover, the dimensions allow you to target all body parts, and you can vary the intensity of the massage by resting less or more body weight on it. We also love how it turns into a two-inch thick mat when undone, making it easy to pack in a yoga bag or purse. For those reasons, this high-quality foam roller can satisfy a variety of preferences, and the travel-friendly design is a cherry on top. 

Best for Travel

10. Best Bundle: Chirp Wheel Back Pain Bundle

"This bundle of four yoga wheels and a back brace can cover all needs."

Best Yoga Wheel Bundle

Key Features:

  • Material: ABS, foam

  • Size: 4, 6, 10, 12

  • Max weight: 550 lbs.

  • Weight: Varies

  • Colors: Black

Chirp Wheel+ is a set of 5-inch wide wheels with a 4", 6”, 10”, and 12” diameter.  Each wheel sports an ABS ring covered with ½ inch thick foam and has been tested to support up to 500 pounds. The outer padding or tread is sweat-resistant, skid-resistance, and glued with an odor-free adhesive. This yoga wheel bundle a do-it-all back and back pain relief bundle, available in two colors. It also includes a carrying case for each wheel and a posture corrector strap. 

What we think:

Owning a full set of wheels is a ticket to better balance, strength, and mobility for yoga practitioners. A lot is possible with regular use of all the devices in this bundle, including correcting posture, realigning the spine's curvature, and relief in functional conditions. But it's definitely overkill if you only need  wheel for posing.


The 4 and 6-inch wheel can be used for wall rolling or to massage the necks, legs, and smaller body parts. The back brace prevents slouching and features easy adjustment buckles and padding at the points of contact. Lastly, this yoga wheel bundle has a Happy Body Guarantee - a no-questions-asked return/refund policy.

Best Bundle

How to Pick the Best Yoga Wheel

Yoga props are a noble investment if they deepen your practice or make asana approachable. But is a yoga wheel one of those props every yogi should have? 

The yoga wheel may look deceptively one-dimensional, but it is versatile enough for working on flexibility from the shoulders through the hips. Moreover, the wheel is a staple in variations of yoga postures like Fish Pose and Bridge pose.

If you are intrigued and have cash to spare, our top choices could be a worthy addition to your prop collection. However, the best yoga wheel for you is one that brings you back to the mat or urges you to stay on it for a few extra minutes.


In this section, we run through the key specs to consider when you buy a wheel.


A yoga wheel can be made from cork, wood, plastic, and foam. The cushioning and outer padding is generally TPE or UVA foam. Occasionally, a yoga wheel may have foam cushioning with a thin layer of cork on top of it to increase grip. 

Here are the standard combinations in the yoga wheels found online –


  • ABS Plastic core + TPE foam 

  • ABS or wood core + cork 

  • Cork Core + Foam and/or cork 

Outer layer or Padding:

  • Foam Padding: Most yoga wheels have TPE foam padding with a non-slip texture. It is comfortable, durable, and available in numerous colors. Most foam varieties are non-toxic and chemical-free. A wheel with foam padding is not considered eco-friendly unless its recycled, but foam is cost-effective and easy to clean.

  • Cork Padding: Cork is grippy, antimicrobial, and moisture-wicking. Cork wheels are popular with intermediate and advanced yogis. Generally, cork wicks away moisture and doesn't retain odor. They come with an uptick in price and the lack of color options, available only in a natural shade with or without printed desing. But it is the most eco-friendly and sustainable choice.

Wheel Size/Dimensions:


Dimensions refer to the width and height of a yoga wheel. The standard size is 12" x 5" (regular) or 6" x 5" (small or mini wheel). Although uncommon, you can find a wheel with 13" x 6" or other variations. The “best yoga wheel size” is hooked on how you plan to use it. 

A standard (12" x 5") wheel is great for inversions, stability, and backbends. It is the best size for beginners until they get acclimated. Advanced yogis can also use them for core work or improve balance. Buy a mini yoga wheel to target smaller body parts as a foam roller. 

Weight Capacity:  


Manufacturers test a yoga wheel for the maximum weight it can handle. The results are displayed in the product descriptions and can range from 250 to 550 lbs. Some solid yoga wheels could do even better. However, they are bulky and hard to transport.

Yoga Wheel Benefits


A wheel can be used by anyone regardless of skill level or experience with yoga. At heart, this prop is designed to relieve back pain and facilitate backbends, but you can also use a wheelto target and open different areas of the body in creative ways.


The application and usage will change with your skill level. In yoga, beginners typically use a wheel to open tight muscles and improve flexibility and balance. Experienced yogis use them to attempt advanced variations and improve range of motion.

Here are common ways to use a yoga wheel and their benefits - 


  1. Openers - Open or expand the chest, back, hips, and shoulders.

  2. Spinal Alignment -  Improve posture and spinal alignment.

  3. Relaxation - Relax tight muscles.

  4. Stretching - Expand muscles and gain flexibility faster.

  5. Foam Rolling – Target specific muscles to open them and release tension.

  6. Back Pain – Strengthen the core, improve posture, and stimulate circulation.

  7. Perform flawless backbends while reducing the risk of injury.


You may experience discomfort while using a yoga wheel for the first time. It can lead to 'cracking' if you roll it under your back and shoulder blades. These signs indicate it is doing its job. They will reduce as you acclimate to the prop over time.

Buying Advice
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