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10 Best Yoga Wheels of 2022 | Top Picks with Reviews

Stretch in style with our top picks for yoga wheels by Dharma, Upcircleseven, Chirp, and more.


Last Update on 28th July, 2022

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A yoga wheel is a hollow, round prop comprising a hollow plastic core layered with soft foam cushioning and an outer layer with non-slip texture. The wheel, generally 5" wide and 12" inches in height is made from ABS plastic, wood, cork, foam, rubber, or a combination thereof. 

The prop may not be as ubiquitous as yoga blocks or as affordable as yoga stretching straps, but it's highly coveted by an asana-obsessed yogi. This stylish prop is relatively new in the yoga realm and is best used to improve flexibility and release tension in the back.

“A yoga wheel is not just for inflexible beginners. I recommend it to everyone from recovering athletes to runners and the elderly. Wheels are great for stretching before pranayama and opening hard-to-access places.” says Jenna, a yoga instructor, and physical therapist.


Roll, sit, stretch, or meditate - the wheel keeps spinning the hype. But what differentiates one wheel from another, and how can you confidently choose the best wheel for your practice? 

We turned to a yoga instructors and influencers to help us narrow down what to look for before researching the best (selling) yoga wheels in the current market.


With their insights and inputs, we shortlisted wheels on attributes like durability, materials, weight capacity, and price. Luckily, we noticed it's difficult to end up with a lousy yoga wheel if you stick to reputed brands.

What are the best yoga wheels in 2022


We recommend the Dharma Eco Basic Yoga Wheel as the best overall prop for you practice, regardless of skill level. The YDL Yoga Wheel is more arresting prop if you care to shell out for the premium materials and intricately printed design.

Our best value pick, the Reehut Yoga Wheel, costs nearly half as much but holds up almost as well on the mat. It's available in a wide range of colors and sizes, making it one of the best wheels for beginners or budget-conscious buyers.

We have also reviewed the best wood and plastic wheels, all chemical-free and eco-friendly, too. The set of 3 or 4 and assorted kit offer versatility and bang for your buck, and the mini yoga wheel is ideal for back-rolling and deep tissue work.

Here are the ten best yoga wheels to deepen your stretches in style.

1. Best Overall: Dharma Eco Basic Yoga Wheel


The USA-made Dharma Wheel sports an ABS core with an 8mm EVA foam tread and can support up to 500 lbs of weight. The moisture-resistant surface features an impressive patented grip, arguably the best in class, which results in superior traction during core development and balance poses. The yoga wheel, made with premium materials, is reasonably priced for a studio-quality prop and comes in all black or a black-turqoise option. 

Key Features:


  • ABS core with EVA foam padding

  • 12.5" tall and 5" wide

  • Patented anti-slip grip

  • Handles up to 500 lbs of weight

  • Weighs 3 pounds

What we think:

We'd be remiss to overlook Dharma considering they invented the yoga wheel. Having been in the game the longest,  they have tweaked the design for optimal performance, which is evident in how the wheel performs. We love how it looks, feels, and accompanies you on the mat, and it is built to last - a consideration if you are looking for the best value. Thereby, it's our top pick for for alignment, stretching, balance poses – everything under the sun, basically.


2. Best Value: REEHUT Yoga Wheel


The Reehut yoga wheel features a 12.6" TPE plastic core and hybrid foam layer for impact resistance and cushioning. Its max weight capacity is 330 lbs, roughly 200 pounds less than our best picks. But it has thousands of positive customer reviews to back up its performance on the mat. The wheel is available in vivid colors and as a set of three wheels of different size.  


Key Features: 

  • TPE Plastic core with hybrid foam tread

  • 12.6" and 5" (H x W)

  • Up to 330 lbs of weight

  • Weighs 2.86 lbs

  • Set of three available

What we think:

Simple but dependable, Reehut offers a no-frills wheel to meet the needs of beginners. It ticks all the boxes and come with an e-guide to help get you off the ground running (or rolling!). The best part is you can remove the padded foam layer and clean it separately, which is handy. Overall, it's a prudent yoga wheel of value if you don't want to get spendy. 


Yoga Design Lab offers an exceptional cork wheel an ABS frame with an outer layer of cork. The cork is anti-slip and sweat resistant and the wheel can handle up to 550 lbs of weight.  There's a mandala design stenciled over the cork with non-toxic dyes with two additional designs – Geo PU and Mandala Night. Determined to turn heards, this eco-friendly yoga prop is made from recyclable materials and ships with a guide for beginners with instructions on how to use it.

Key Features: 

  • ABS Plastic core and cork

  • 12.6" and 5.1" (H x W)

  • Up to 550 lbs of weight

  • Weighs 3.70 lbs

  • Three printed designs

What we think:

The YDL yoga wheel’s opulent design looks more resplendent in person than pictures. On the mat, the non-slip cork offers solid support for backbends and openers. The wheel performs well even when pushed to extreme limits, making it one of the best props for influencers who do challenging variations and advanced poses. We didn’t notice gaps in the seam or color bleed. At best, we can fault if for the prohibitive cost, but we can’t think of any other reason to not own it.


4. Best Cork: NODE Fitness Yoga Wheel


The Node Fitness Yoga Wheel has a 13-inch ABS plastic base, foam padding and a cork tread. The cork is moisture and odor-resistant. The robust wheel weighs 3 lbs and can support up to 500 lbs. of weight. Compared to other types of materials, cork yoga wheels cushion the spine better and have the best 'give.' Plus, they are light enough to carry to the studio or park.

Key Features: 


  • ABS core with foam and cork layers

  • 13" tall and 5.5" wide

  • Handles up to 500 lbs of body weight

  • Weighs 3 lbs

What we think:

We think this the best wheel for those who love the look and feel of cork. The surface texture is grippy without feeling abrasive. The yoga wheel is ultra-supportive with backbends, improving flexibility, and deepening posture. The build quality and workmanship are exceptional for the price. Overall, it's functional, affordable, and delivers the best bang for your buck.


5. Best Large: SukhaMat Yoga Wheel


The SukhaMat yoga wheel, suitable for beginners and advanced yogis, features an eco-friendly engineered plastic (PC alloy) core designed to withstand high-impact exercise and up to 500 lbs of body weight. The base is topped with a ¼ inch TPE foam padding that is latex-free. The wheel's outer surface has a non-slip texture, similar to a premium yoga mat. Lastly, it is easy to clean and does not harbor sweat, germs, or odor. 

Key Features: 


  • PC alloy core and TPE foam 

  • 12.5" tall and 5" wide

  • Handles up to 500 lbs of body weight

  • Weighs 3 lbs

What we think:

In use, the SukhaMat Yoga Wheel facilitates supreme control and comfort during backbends, openers, and wheel-centric asana routines. The padding has ample cushionig for firm suppor and the surface exhibits great tractionThe wheel feels stable during body stretches to release spine tension and increase shoulder mobility. The robust core, weight handling capacity, and extra thick padding make it the best choice for tall or plus-size yogis.


6. Best Mini: Shogun Mini Yoga Wheel


The black and white Shogun Sports Yoga wheel is designed to roll out muscles to reduce tension, provide relief in chronic back pain, and improve flexibility. It features a solid 6-inch ABS frame with an extra-thick ¾ inch foam padding, skid resistant and skin friendly too. The mini yoga wheel can guide you into stretches in ways a regular wheel can't. It's tiny, but every bit as mighty when it comes to weight handling. Get one, give your back a roll, and let the cracking begin!

Key Features: 

  • ABS core and 3/4" foam 

  • 6" tall with a 5.5" inner diameter

  • Supports 500 lbs of weight

  • Weighs 3 lbs

What we think:

This nifty, mini yoga wheel has all the desirable attributes - it's durable, well made, functional, and affordable. It also comes in three sizes - 12, 10, and 6-inches. The smallest size is travel-friendly and cushiony texture helps with deep tissue massaging or foam rolling smaller body parts like the hamstring. However, it's meant for niche uses or as a second wheel, not for balance-heavy poses best left to regular-sized wheels. 


7. Best Kit: Aozora Yoga Wheel Kit


The Aozora yoga wheel kit includes a wheel, two blocks, a strap belt, and a guide with 30+ poses to put your props through the paces. The wheel (sold separately) is among the most well-received yoga wheels on AmazonThe wheel features a non-flexing ABS frame with thick padding and an anti-slip cork surface. The surface is sweat/odor resistant and the wheel can handle up to 500 lbs.

What we think:

The yoga wheel is sturdy but lightweight due to the injection-molded frame. The outer padding is thick and provides comfort as you roll it under the shoulder blades or spine. The 13-inch diameter ought to work for yogis unless you have very specific needs. All in all, the yoga wheel is eco-friendly, the props are highly functional, and the kit offers excellent value for money.


8. Best Set: Chirp Yoga Wheel+ Set


Chirp Wheel+ is a set of 5-inch wide wheels with a 4", 6”, 10”, and 12” diameter. The injection molded frame has been tested to support up to 500 lbs of weight. The wheels sports a ½ inch thick PVC-free cushioning, and regardless of size, are designed to alleviate back pain by supporting the discs and reducing bulges. The outer padding is sweat-resistant, skid-resistance, and glued with an odor-free adhesiveConsider these for versatility without breaking the bank! 

Key Features:


  • Set or 3 or 4 yoga wheels

  • Injection-molded ABS core

  • Extra-thick PVC-free padded outer layer

  • Contoured 'spinal groove' design

What we think:

Owning a set of wheels is a ticket to better balance, strength, mobility for yoga practitioners. Regular use can correct spine curvature, improve posture, and may prevent muscle tightness, muscle/joint spasms, and other functional conditions. Best or otherwise, they come with a ‘Happy Body Guarantee,’ ensuring return/refunds with no questions asked. 


9. Best Customer Reviews: UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel


UpCircleSeven offers one of the top yoga wheels in the current market. The prop features a non-flexing ABS frame and medium-firm foam cushioning. It is available in four colors with a 6,10, or 12-inch diameter. At 3.4 lbs, the full-sized wheel boasts the best weight handling capacity and padding thickness in this price bracket. Also, the yoga prop is designed to massage muscles, provide relief in chronic back pain, realign the natural spinal curvature, and improve posture.

Key Features: 

  • ABS core and 3/4" foam padding

  • 12.6" tall and 5" wide

  • Supports 550 lbs of weight

  • Weighs 3.4 lbs

  • 4 colors and 3 sizes

What we think:

The wheel holds shape well, conforms to the spine, has enough give for backbends. It's a great aid for restorative yoga and pain-relieving stretches with . Plus, you can find ways to use it for your neck, hips, and shoulders because of the thick cushioning and flexible design. With 5000+ positive customer reviews, it has a loud chorus of approval from the community and could be a no-brainer for yogis who don't like to A/B the best gear.


10. Best Premium: Yoloha Cork Yoga Wheel


This USA-made cork yoga wheel is the one we found to be the most memorable. It features a maple and poplar wood ring with rounded interior edges. The wheel is topped with a premium cork layer (0.8mm) and a TPE foam underlay (4mm). The cork is latex-free, antimicrobial, and non-slip. If best equates to quality, this wheel champions it with premium cork that is free of chemicals, 100% vegan, and moisture-resistant.

Key Features: 

  • Wood frame, foam layer with cork surface

  • 12" tall and 5" wide

  • Supports 300 lbs of weight

  • Weighs 3.4 lbs

  • Multiple printed designs

What we think:

The Yoloha wheel is an earth-conscious, fair-trade, sustainably sourced prop – the best of its kind. It can handle 300lbs of weight and ships with a guide to get you started. But it is an exceptional yoga wheel that will last you a lifetime. It could be the best choice for those who want to honor their craft (yoga), the craftsman, and the environment. The price tag is hefty, no doubt, but it is plush yoga wheel that gives you your money's worth.


BUYER GUIDE: How to choose the best yoga wheel

Yoga props are a noble investment if they deepen your practice or make asana approachable. But is a yoga wheel one of those props every yogi should have? 

The yoga wheel may look deceptively one-dimensional, but it is versatile enough for working on flexibility from the shoulders through the hips. Moreover, the wheel is a staple in variations of yoga postures like Fish Pose and Bridge pose.

If you are intrigued and have cash to spare, our top choices could be a worthy addition to your prop collection. However, the best yoga wheel for you is one that brings you back to the mat or urges you to stay on it for a few extra minutes.


In this section, we run through the key specs to consider when you buy a wheel.


A yoga wheel can be made from cork, wood, plastic, and foam. The cushioning and outer padding is generally TPE or UVA foam. Occasionally, a yoga wheel may have foam cushioning with a thin layer of cork on top of it to increase grip. 

Here are the standard combinations in the yoga wheels found online –


  • ABS Plastic core + TPE foam 

  • ABS or wood core + cork 

  • Cork Core + Foam and/or cork 

Outer layer or Padding:

  • Foam Padding: Most yoga wheels have TPE foam padding with a non-slip texture. It is comfortable, durable, and available in numerous colors. Most foam varieties are non-toxic and chemical-free. A wheel with foam padding is not considered eco-friendly unless its recycled, but foam is cost-effective and easy to clean.

  • Cork Padding: Cork is grippy, antimicrobial, and moisture-wicking. Cork wheels are popular with intermediate and advanced yogis. Generally, cork wicks away moisture and doesn't retain odor. They come with an uptick in price and the lack of color options, available only in a natural shade with or without printed desing. But it is the most eco-friendly and sustainable choice.

Wheel Size/Dimensions:


Dimensions refer to the width and height of a yoga wheel. The standard size is 12" x 5" (regular) or 6" x 5" (small or mini wheel). Although uncommon, you can find a wheel with 13" x 6" or other variations. The “best yoga wheel size” is hooked on how you plan to use it. 

A standard (12" x 5") wheel is great for inversions, stability, and backbends. It is the best size for beginners until they get acclimated. Advanced yogis can also use them for core work or improve balance. Buy a mini yoga wheel to target smaller body parts as a foam roller. 

Weight Capacity:  


Manufacturers test a yoga wheel for the maximum weight it can handle. The results are displayed in the product descriptions and can range from 250 to 550 lbs. Some solid yoga wheels could do even better. However, they are bulky and hard to transport.

Yoga Wheel Benefits 


A wheel can be used by anyone regardless of skill level or experience with yoga. At heart, this prop is designed to relieve back pain and facilitate backbends, but you can also use a wheelto target and open different areas of the body in creative ways.


The application and usage will change with your skill level. In yoga, beginners typically use a wheel to open tight muscles and improve flexibility and balance. Experienced yogis use them to attempt advanced variations and improve range of motion.

Here are common ways to use a yoga wheel and their benefits - 


  1. Openers - Open or expand the chest, back, hips, and shoulders.

  2. Spinal Alignment -  Improve posture and spinal alignment.

  3. Relaxation - Relax tight muscles.

  4. Stretching - Expand muscles and gain flexibility faster.

  5. Foam Rolling – Target specific muscles to open them and release tension.

  6. Back Pain – Strengthen the core, improve posture, and stimulate circulation.

  7. Perform flawless backbends while reducing the risk of injury.


You may experience some discomfort while using a yoga wheel for the first time. It can lead to 'cracking' sounds if you roll it under your back and shoulder blades. These signs indicate it is doing its job, which should reduce as you acclimate to the prop over time.

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