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Best Yoga Blocks 2023: 10 Top Picks For Every Yoga Style, Ability and Budget

Our expert pick of the best yoga blocks for beginners and advanced practitioners from Manduka, Gaiam, Yoloha, Lululemon, and more.

By PS Editors |Reviewed by Geert Meijer & Sonja Junková


Disclosure: Prana Sutra may earn a small fee for products purchased through our links. Why trust us?

  • A good yoga block will become the most frequently used prop in your collection

  • That's one heck of reason to invest in the best one you can afford

  • Use this guide to find the top yoga blocks for all ages, abilities, and budgets

  • Also, check out our article on the best yoga towels for a slip-free flows


From attempting your first headstand to sitting cross legged for long periods, there's always a breakthrough moment just out of reach. That's when supportive props like bolsters, yoga blocks and straps can help you achieve your fitness goals without strain or injury. We love blocks because they are one of the most versatile and frequently used piece of yoga equipment.

For the same reason, it makes good sense invest in the best one for your practice. But there's one downside to their popularity; there are a gazillion products on the market and trying to find the best yoga block results in one of two outcomes: a) spending hours researching products or b) rolling the dice on the first half-decent block you find. Well, not on our watch!

If you are new to yoga, start with our buying advice on how to pick a good yoga block. If you are terribly impatient, we recommend the Gaiam (Foam) and Manduka (Cork) Yoga Block, depending on the material you prefer. That said, it's not easy to make an all-purpose recommendation because a good block is hooked to your body's needs and style of yoga. Keeping that in mind, we've compiled a wide array of yoga blocks covering different materials, sizes, shapes, and price points. Our top picks have undergone hours of scrutiny and are ultimately ranked on comfort, grip, durability, versatility, and value. Use this guide to find the perfect yoga prop for YOU.

Best Yoga Blocks: Our Top Picks for 2023

The Gaiam Essentials Yoga Block (Foam) is our top pick for beginners, but also one of the best foam yoga blocks on the market. It's lightweight, stable, high-quality and reasonably priced, Plus, it's backed by a boat load of positive customer reviews - Twenty five thousand, to be precise.

Alternatively, look to Manduka for the best cork yoga block for your practice. Their cork block earns top marks for stability, dry/wet grip, durability, and value through a battery of tests. Plus, it's non-toxic, ethically-sourced, and renewable - a top choice for the environment, too.

If wooden yoga blocks are your jam, audition the brick-like Hugger Mugger Bamboo Yoga Blocks and the artful Bhoga Infinity Wooden Yoga Blocks. The former is the standard variety and the latter's non-traditional design may excite advanced practitioners and creative yogis.

Here's a summary of the best yoga blocks before we jump to the individual product reviews.


Best Yoga Blocks: Product Guide & Reviews


Best for Beginners: Gaiam Yoga Block 2 Pack

"These top-rated foam yoga blocks are non-toxic and 50% denser than their rivals."

Purple foam Gaiam yoga blocks

Material: EVA Foam | Dimensions: 9” x 6” x 4” | Weight: 2.5 lbs |Colors: 4

A foam yoga block is the most common type used in homes and fitness studios. Foam is popular because it's light, supportive, affordable, and easy to clean, store, and transport. For those reasons, foam blocks are ideal for beginners, and this extra-dense Gaiam yoga block is our top recommendation. Giam is an established brand with a proven reputation, and the block has the standard features like beveled edges, a non-slip surface, and an array of colors to choose from.

What we think:

The Gaiam yoga block is perfect for deep stretches, modified poses, and sitting cross-legged with high hips. The dense core and stable base provide solid stretch support while posing and the blunt edges and non-slip surface ensure a comfortable but secure grip. Moreover, the block's soft, smooth surface is perfect to lean body parts against it during Restorative and Yin Yoga.

But don't take our word for it. This yoga block set has 25k+ glowing reviews on Amazon, making it one of the best-selling props on the market. The only caveat is EVA foam isn't very eco-friendly as it doesn't degrade quickly, but that's true for all foam products. Foam blocks also get slightly slippery when wet, so pick a cork version for fast-paced flows or if you break a sweat easily.



  • Excellent quality and value

  • Soft surface with firm core

  • Grips the mat/floor well

  • 25k+ positive customer reviews

  • Not as stable as cork or wooden blocks

  • Slightly slippery when wet

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"This top-rated yoga block set delivers the best bang for your buck."

budget-friendly foam yoga blocks

Material: EVA Foam | Dimensions: 9” x 6” x 3” | Weight: 2.5 lbs |Colors: 3

This Trideer Yoga Block Set is an enduring Amazon bestseller, thanks to its cutthroat price. It features two blocks with a compression-resistant core, a non-slip surface, and beveled edges. Each block is an inch thinner than the standard size, making the set travel-friendly but slightly less stable. Still, this set offers excellent value if you want to explore yoga props on the cheap.

What we think:

These economical yoga blocks are ideal for beginners or yogis unwilling to spend much on yoga bricks. They are easy to grip, soft but supportive, and available in various colors. Moreover, a set like this is perfect for deep stretching, experimenting with pose variations, and a more supported practice in general. It can also serve as a "cheap" extra to carry to the beach or park, not getting too bothered if the props get scratched or dirty.

Like all foam yoga equipment, the blocks have a "new-shoe" odor, most of which fade away after airing out. But a hint still lingers and may irk yogis sensitive to smells. Luckily, Trideer has a top-notch return/refund policy to sort you out. But if you can spend more, the Gaiam yoga block scores better on all attributes, which definitely excuses the difference in price.



  • Perfect for beginners

  • Compression-resistant core

  • Secure and comfy grip

  • Economical price point

  • Not ideal for sweaty styles

  • 3-inch width


"The premium materials and robust build make this the best cork block for yoga."

best cork yoga blocks by Manduka

Material: Cork | Dimensions: 9” x 6” x 4” | Weight: 2.5 lbs | Color: Natural

Despite countless contenders for the best cork yoga block, it's easy to recommend the Manduka Cork Block because of its build quality and performance traits. This textured block has standard dimensions, radius edges, and a tiny logo engraved on two sides. Manduka also offers a recycled foam block that can rival the Gaiam yoga block. However, the cork version we've featured is more grippy, durable, eco-friendly. Plus, it's decidedly better for sweaty styles of yoga.

What we think:

This Manduka Cork Yoga Block is a longstanding best-seller on Amazon - and for good reasons. It looks premium, and provides excellent support, regardless of your style or skill level.

The block's textured surface grips the mat/floor well, and the radius edges ensure a comfy grip in balance poses like Half Moon, Triangle, and lunges. The support base is incredibly stable, staying wobble-free even during Peacock Pose with the tallest height.

All things considered, the Manduka Cork Yoga Block lives up to the praise it receives from the press and players. It's score top marks for performance and is biodegradable, non-toxic, and recyclable, which make it a top-shelf choice for a green practice. But the yoga block is slightly coase and heavy, and it may surprise you (plesantly) if you have only used cheap foam props.

P.S. - For perspective, the Manduka foam block weighs .6 pounds and this one weighs 2.5 pounds.



  • Top-notch materials and build quality

  • Excellent wet/dry grip

  • Durable and eco-friendly

  • Seen in many ''best yoga blocks" lists

  • Slightly coase texture

  • Not as light as foam blocks

  • Uncomfortable for the joints


"The best wooden yoga block for wobble-free roll-overs and Lotus legs!

bamboo yoga block by hugger mugger

Material: Bamboo | Dimensions: 9” x 6” x 4” | Weight: 2.2 lbs |Color: Natural

This Hugger Mugger block is made of sustainable bamboo with standard dimensions, a hollow core, and rounded edges. It's finished with non-toxic wood staining and a modestly-sized Hugger Mugger logo on the side panels. At $30, this block lies on the pricey side of the spectrum, but it also has a lifetime warranty to inspire buyer confidence.

What we think:

This wooden yoga block looks premium thanks to the beautiful edging and buttery finish. It's the same size as a standard foam/cork block but more firm and hefty. The block's hollow core keeps the weight low, making it travel-friendly and easier to handle. But at the same time, it doesn't feel as robust as a solid wood block. Either way, it takes a good amount of strength to use the block with a relaxed grip, as is the case with all extra-firm yoga blocks.

Overall, this Hugger Mugger brick scores top marks on build quality, durability, and value, making it easy to recommend as the best wooden yoga block on the market. You'd need a pair for handstands or inversions, which cost nearly as much as the Bhoga Infinity set. So, pick either with buyer confidence based on whether you want a traditional or innovative design.



  • Looks premium and elegant

  • Hollow core keeps weight low

  • Non-toxic and natural materials

  • Sturdy and travel-friendly

  • Not for beginners or restorative yoga

  • Not as robust as solid wood blocks


Best for Wrist Pain: Wrist Buddy Yoga Blocks

"This innovate yoga block could be the best solution for your wrist pain."

Best Yoga Blocks for Wrist Pain

Material: EVA Foam | Dimensions: 9” x 6” x 4” | Weight: 1.3 lbs | Colors: 4

Placing your hand against a flat surface and putting weight on it can be a nightmare if you suffer from wrist pain. It’s unbearable to the point where many yogis quit their practice. But the Wrist Buddy yoga block can help you manage your pain without compromising your practice. Its intuitive design features a contour that matches the natural shape of your hand, thereby allowing you the grip the block with more confidence, better grip, and less pain.

What we think:

Designed by a chiropractor, this yoga block is perfect if you are recovering from a wrist injury or surgery, afflicted with chronic pain, or suffering from conditions like arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome. It’s an EVA foam block with a textured surface, standard dimensions, and an ergonomic design. The contoured design changes the wrist angle while posing to relieve 60% pressure on the wrist by shifting your weight to the palm.

The block allows you to attempt standard or modified versions of Cat/Cow, Downward Dog, and other routine poses. You can also use it for pushups, planks, or floor exercises that put weight on your wrist. The block is sold as a set of two and is available in four colors: Black, Gray, Lavender, and Teal. It’s relatively pricey because it’s more expensive to manufacture a contoured yoga block. But if pain relief is a priority, this yoga block set could be the best solution for wrist pain.



  • High-quality blocks for yoga

  • Reduce 60% pressure on the wrists

  • Great reviews from customers

  • Easy to grip and stable

  • Non-traditional design

  • Contour is large for small hands

  • Pricey


Best for Yin Yoga: HalfMoon Chip Foam Yoga Block

"The best yoga block for Yin Yoga, Pre-natal Yoga, and restorative practices."

Yin Yoga Blocks by Halfmoon

Material: Foam chips | Dimensions: 12” x 8” x 2” | Weight: 1.3 lbs | Color: 2

Long holds for poses are integral to Yin Yoga and restorative sequences, and this HalfMoon chip foam yoga block could be just the thing for you to sit through the discomfort. It's a set of plank-like yoga blocks made of foam off-cuts with 2" x 8" x 12" dimensions. The yoga block has generous give, easy mobility, and a larger surface area, making it ideal for getting and staying in poses as you flow. You can also stack the blocks to recreate the support of a pillow.

What we think:

The HalfMoon Yoga Block is a versatile yoga prop for Yin Yoga enthusiasts and long holds of restorative poses. It's gentle on the wrists and body parts when you rest them on the block. Since it's so cushiony and pliable, you can use the block to elevate the hips, lift the floor, or cushion the knees, elbows, and wrists. But the block is equally adaptable to challenging poses like King Pigeon Pose, Headstands, and Supported Shoulder stands.

Designed for gentle support during posing and rest, Halfmoon's pliable chip foam yoga block is a horse of a different color. It can help you get deeper into stretches but shines when placed under the neck, forehead, or back during post-yoga rest. The block is more versatile than its standard counterparts but not as dense and stable as a yoga brick. However, it can be an excellent add-on, meaning you can buy it as a second set to use alongside standard yoga blocks.



  • Made of recyclable foam chips

  • Large surface area to rest body parts

  • Comfortable and versatile

  • Ideal for Restorative and Yin Yoga

  • Unconventional size

  • Not as firm as cork or wood options

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"The best wooden yoga block for asana aficionados and creative/experimental yogis."

Top-rated wood yoga blocks

Material: Rubber Tree Wood | Dimensions: 0.25” x 5.57” x 3.5” | Weight: 2.25 lbs | Color: Natural

Bhoga Infinity is a small boutique brand that makes top-notch yoga props like alignment bars, knee mats, and meditation benches. We were thoroughly impressed by their wooden yoga block because it is ergonomic, eco-friendly, and enjoyable. This uniquely-shaped block is made of rubber tree wood and is available in two sizes as a set of two or four blocks. It features an arched surface, hollow core, rounded sides, and flat support base. It may not be the best prop for beginners, but it's a must-have for asana-crazed yogis.

What we think:

From stability in Bakasana to holding Mayurasana, these unusual yoga blocks push you towards a creative and challenging practice. It doesn't take long to acclimate to the shape, and the blocks weigh only 2.2 pounds, par for the course with wooden yoga blocks. In fact, we love how the arched surface distributes weight more evenly, putting less pressure on the wrist than the floor or a flat yoga block would.

You can use these wooden yoga blocks in fun and creative ways, which makes them the best yoga block for intermediate and advanced practitioners. You can also use them alongside traditional yoga blocks to expand your prop collection or the scope of your practice. Imaginably, it's not the best choice for beginners or anyone who mainly practices Restorative or Yin Yoga.



  • Excellent quality and value

  • Soft surface with firm core

  • Grips the mat/floor well

  • 25k+ positive customer reviews

  • Pricey

  • Niche and limited use


Best Multi-Purpose: Manduka UnBlok Yoga Block

"The best curved yoga block, ideal for wrist-pain relief, balance training, and restorative poses.”

curved yoga block by manduka

Material: EVA Foam | Dimensions: 9” x 6” x 4” | Weight: 0.8 lbs |Color: 1

The UnBLOK has the same dimensions as the flagship Manduka foam block but has a contoured design with the arched surface facing the sky when the block is placed horizontally on the floor. It's more versatile and forgiving, making it a good choice for beginners, seniors, or anyone with chronic wrist pain. Addtionally, the block is made with 50% recycled foam and is available in two colors: Eggplant Purple and Thunder Grey.

What we think:

This curved yoga block is the rage in West Coast fitness studios because it combines softness with firmness, providing stable support with easy handling. Its non-slip exterior grips the floor/mat with confidence, and sweat doesn't detract from its performance either. The radiused edges make it easy to grip, and the contoured design reduces strain on the wrists.

The block provides fantastic support for tricky poses like Half Moon or Matsyasana, and it only weighs 0.8 lbs, so it's easy to carry to class in a yoga tote or duffel bag. Moreover, the block's arched surface is perfect for resting body parts during long, restorative holds and comfier under the neck during Savasana. So, it has potential as a second block to round out a prop collection.

P.S. - Audition the Zerene yoga block set if you want something similar made out of cork.



  • Premium materials

  • Gentle on the wrists

  • Easy to work for beginners

  • Ideal for balance and core exercises

  • None for price


Best Eco-Friendly: Yoloha Cork Yoga Block

"The best cork block for sweaty yoga flows and vibing up your zen space.

printed cork yoga block by Yoloha

Material: Cork | Dimensions: 9” x 5.5” x 3.5” | Weight: 1.13 lbs |Color: Natural

It's easy to tout this yoga block as the best eco-friendly option because it's made of premium Portuguese cork harvested without cutting down trees. It is 100% renewable and recyclable, and the dust-like residue from the block's production process is also converted into fuel to avoid wastage. Even if these reasons don't matter to you, this cork yoga block is a high-functioning yoga prop to advance your practice.

What we think:

Yoloha makes some of the best cork yoga equipment, and this block is a bonafide bestseller in their catalog. It ships in biodegradable packaging (plastic-free) with a personalized note of gratitude. The block has a textured surface with radiused edges for a secure grip during lifts and poses. It stays put during fast-paced flows and is grippy enough for sweaty or Hot Yoga.

All things equal, the Yoloha block is better-looking, more eco-friendly, and half an inch smaller than the Manduka yoga block, which works to its advantage if these features matter to you. It is crafted with an earth-friendly ethos and eco-printed with no-fade designs. For those reasons, it's a top-shelf choice if you are drawn to gorgeous and sustainable yoga props.



  • Premium sustainable cork

  • Excellent wet/dry grip

  • Great for yogis with small hands

  • Top-class prints/designs

  • Prints come with an uptick in price

  • 3.5 inches

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Best Set: Tumaz Yoga Blocks and Strap Set

best yoga blocks and straps

Material: Foam, cotton | Dimensions: 4” x 9” x 5” & 8' strap | Weight: 1.3 lbs | Color: 10

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, yoga blocks and straps are all you really need to deepen your stretches and poses. This Tumaz set clubs the two, saving you the time to buy each prop individually. For $20, you get two high-density foam blocks with standard dimensions and a yoga strap. It's available in 10 colors, including options of cork blocks and cotton yoga straps.

What we think:

The Tumaz yoga blocks and straps set is perfect if you are new to yoga because it allows you to go deeper into stretches and poses while reducing the risk of injury. We’ll discuss the blocks here because we’ve reviewed the Tumaz stretching strap in our best yoga strap compilation.

The high-density yoga blocks deliver excellent value for the asking price. They do not chip easily or give out a "new shoe" odor, which are common issues with entry-level props. The non-slip surface ensures secure grip and the sturdy support base and compression-resistant core provide excellent stability during use. At the same time, the blocks are firm enough to support your full weight but light enough to not hinder movement or pose transitions.



  • Easy to grip and durable

  • High-quality props with top reviews

  • Ideal for beginners or inflexible yogis

  • Excellent value for money

  • None for the price


Buyer Guide: How to Pick the Best Yoga Block

yoga block best material, size, types annotated

Yoga blocks raise the floor or "bring the ground closer" to make poses more accessible. In doing so, they reduce the risk of injury, help you go deeper into stretches, and provide support during transitions But like all fitness gear, the best yoga block is individual, tied to your needs, budget, and style of practice. Here are a few things to consider when you shop blocks for yoga:

Best Yoga Block Material

All yoga blocks on the market are made of foam, cork, or wood. Below, we give an overview of each yoga block material to help determine what's best for you.

1. Foam Blocks

A foam block for yoga is generally made from ethylene-vinyl acetate – a thermoplastic elastomer material better known as EVA foam. Foam blocks are light, compression-resistant, portable, and economical. They come in various colors and thicknesses and are soft yet durable. Foam blocks are popular with beginners and are best used for lightweight poses. We recommend high-density foam blocks from reputed brands, as cheap foam yoga blocks tend to chip or discolor with everyday use. Cork or wood blocks have more stability and grip, making them better for sweaty practice and advanced poses.

2. Wood Blocks

A wood or bamboo yoga block is firm, dense, and very stable. It can support you in the trickiest inversions, bends, and twists, but it also needs a good amount of strength to grip them. Wooden blocks are heavier than bamboo blocks, and both types are sold in a natural finish with non-toxic staining. A wood block for yoga is also the most expensive type, but it also lasts the longest, which excuses the price. Moreover, wood is sustainable, recyclable, and non-toxic.

3. Cork Blocks

A cork block for yoga sits between foam and wood regarding weight, comfort, and stability. It's more malleable than wood but not as soft and smooth as foam. The material is textured, antimicrobial, moisture-wicking, and sustainable. On the flip side, cork yoga blocks need a little more care/maintenance and are only available in shades of brown. However, you can find printed blocks that are as beautiful as they are functional.

Best Shape for Yoga Blocks

Yoga blocks are available in rectangular, contoured, and curved shapes. Some brands also offer wedges, half-moon, plank-like, and egg-shaped yoga blocks. You can also buy yoga wedges. Without going into the details, the rectangular design is the best yoga block for beginners. However, you can consider other shapes designed for specific applications like Yin Yoga, core exercises, and wrist-pain relief.

Here are the five most common shapes of yoga blocks found on the market:

  1. Curved Yoga Blocks

  2. Wedge-shaped Yoga Blocks

  3. Rectangular Yoga Blocks

  4. Egg-shaped Yoga Blocks

  5. Plank-like Yoga Blocks

Best Yoga Block Size

The standard size of a yoga block is 9" x 6" x 4" – meaning its inches wide, nine inches high, and four inches thick. You can also find 9" x 6" x 3" and 9" x 6" x 3.5" yoga block sizes on the market. Although less common, some brands offer 12" x 5" x 6" blocks - a widely held yoga block size for plus-size, tall, and inflexible yoga practitioners.

As a thumb rule, short or average-size yogis should pick a 3 or 4-inch thick yoga block, and tall people or plus-size practitioners with a 4-inch+ palm size should pick 4 to 5-inch thick blocks.


Yoga Block FAQ: Related Questions


Is a yoga block essential for beginners?

It's a common misconception that a yoga block is only for beginners. It's an excellent aid in all styles of yoga, regardless of skill level. Beginners use blocks to improve flexibility, but advanced yogis can use them to deepen stretches and attempt tricky variations of familiar poses.

How do you use a yoga block?

A yoga block is used to lift up the floor to shorten the distance of stretches and poses. It can also be used as a seat to elevate the hips during meditation and for leaning support in lifts, bends, and inversions. Lastly, a block can help beginners maintain alignment, which would not be possible using the natural length of the body.

Are cork yoga blocks better than foam blocks?

Cork blocks are better if you prefer firmness, meaning little-to-no give. They are stable, easy to grip, and provide better support. On the other hand, foam blocks are softer to the touch, relatively squishy, and better to sit on. They are better for restorative poses and feel better against the skin.

Do you need one or two blocks for yoga?

One yoga block is sufficient to start with lunges, forward bends, seated bends and kneeling yoga poses. But owning two yoga blocks expands the scope of your practice as you can stack them or use them simultaneously. Additionally, a 2-pack will get you the best price, which is good if you put the props to good use.


Our Review Process


There are literally hundreds of yoga blocks on the market, so creating a do-it-all guide was anything but a picnic. As always, we started by researching top-rated props from established yoga brands like Manduka, Yoloha, Gaiam, and others. We screen each block for imperfections and ensure they are as advertised. We can't test them all, so we factor in reliable reviews to streamline the process. Each shortlisted block is put through the paces in slow, moderate, and fast flows and scored for durability, stability, and grip. Once we vet the product, we categorize and present the best yoga blocks based on what we think they are best used for.

Editor's Note: We hope this article helped you discover the perfect block for yoga. Feel free to write to use if you have any recommendations and follow us on Instagram for more gear reviews, pranayama guides, and other visual yoga content.



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