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6 Best Yoga Headstand Benches and Inversion Chairs of 2022 | Top Picks with Reviews

If Sirsasana (headstand) is the top yoga pose, unassisted headstands are arguably the top reason for injuries. The risk-reward ratio checks out. Luckily, buying the best yoga stool, headstand bench, or inversion stool is a lot easier than doing the yoga pose itself.

By PS EDITORS | Reviewed by GEERT MEIJER | Last Updated 2nd August, 2022

Young woman doing yoga headstand without an inversion bench

Classical yoga texts call Sirasana the 'King of Yoga Poses.' If there are two asanas to master, they would be the Lotus Pose and the headstand. But knowing them to be the best yoga poses isn't enough. It takes guidance, grit, and a few bruises to attain mastery over yoga asanas.

In truth, all yoga beginners are terrified by the headstand, and why not? The fear is not unfounded as there is a real risk of injury here. That’s when a yoga chair or headstand bench can come in handy.

The headstand bench, also called a yoga inversion chair, is a yoga prop to relieve pressure and provide comfort as you struggle to see the world anew - upside down, that is. As is the case with stretching straps or wheels, the headstand inversion chair is a relatively niche prop.

But a headstand bench can be indispensable in the early days of training. Later, once you master Sirsasana, you can use it as a yoga stool for Half Bends, One-Leg Bridge, and other tricky poses. And, should the day come when you have master them all, it's not a half-bad piece of furniture.

How can you define the best yoga headstand bench? Theoretically, any decent yoga stool can get the job done, as long as it stays put and feels comfortable. Even so, in the fiefdom of asana, there are favorites. We rounded up our six top picks to guide the hand of aspiring yogis.

Here are the six best yoga headstand benches you can buy online in 2022.

Our Top Picks

The detailed reviews below can help you identify the perfect bench for your practice.


A top-ranking yoga headstand bench across all e-commerce platforms, and for good reason.

wooden yoga headstand inversion bench with black cushion

The Synergee yoga headstand bench is close on the heels of the FeetUp Trainer chair, with a nearly identical design at a relatively low price point. At under $100, you get a sturdy yoga inversion bench with a robust wooden frame and two 2" padded cushions - a fixed U-shaped pad and a removable T-shaped one. The cushion cover is made from soft leather (vegan), and the yoga stool ships with a laminated pose manual to get started right away.

Product Highlights:

  • Robust wood frame

  • 2” foam cushion (faux leather)

  • Silicone feet for grip

  • Can support 350 lbs of weight

  • Multiple color options

What we think:

The light-colored wood, curvy design, soft vegan leather, and high-quality cushion give this headstand bench a premium appeal. Assembly is easy, and the yoga stool can handle up to 350lbs of weight. The pose manual is also a touch better in quality than what competitors offer, but nothing to write home about. Overall, this is an excellent stool for a committed yogi, delivering the best balance between performance, quality, and price.


2. Best Value: Ansersto Yoga Headstand Inversion Bench

This cost-effective inversion prop proves you don't need to get spendy to do a headstand.

Arnesto yoga heastand bench with metal frame and black cushion

This metal headstand bench has an ergonomic, folding design with double armrests and a five-layer sponge cushion. Simple, stable, and easy to store, the yoga aid ticks all the boxes without complicating matters. Assembly is a cinch and the headstand bench can handle a reasonable amount of weight. It comes with a felt-pad that can be used as an underlay. The manufacturers back the product with a lifetime warranty, which adds to the buyer's confidence.

Product Highlights:

  • All-black metal frame

  • Rebound sponge Cushion

  • Suction cup foot pads for grip

  • Max weight – 330lbs or 440lbs

What we think:

You may not want to invest a sizable chunk of money to learn the yoga headstand. After all, the goal is to use the stool as an aid until you can the headstand unassisted. In that regard, buying a cost-effective inversion chair might be the best way to go about it. Arnesto’s bench is the ideal candidate for it. We wager it will be a popular choice with frugal yoga enthusiasts.


FeetUp is the OG yoga inversion chair designed specifically to master the headstand.

FeetUp Yoga Headstand Bench with wooden frame, foam cushion, and vegan leather lining

This German-made headstand prop is made from sustainably sourced, certified wood with a recycled foam seat and soft vegan leather cover. The FeetUp Trainer includes a guide to headstands, a practitioner's manual, and an A2 Poster illustrating 100+ exercises. It can bear 2200lbs of weight and is available in black, ivory white, chocolate, violet, and classic white.

Product Highlights

  • Certified Wood Frame

  • Recycled Foam Cushion

  • Silicone Footpad

  • Max weight – 2200lbs

What we think:

The looks, shape, and function of this yoga inversion bench are a notch above the rest. In use, it feels exceptionally sturdy and comfortable. There is zero pressure on the neck, shoulders, or spine while using it for a headstand. Plus, the thoughtful design elements and practice guide add a lot of value. The fact that all the 1k+ customer reviews are five stars speaks volumes about the impeccable reputation of this yoga headstand bench.


Build quality, color options, and a 5-year warranty has the competition doing headstands!

Restrial Yoga Headstand Bench with wood frame and black cushion

This yoga headstand prop features a light-colored wooden frame and 2-inch sponge cushions lined with PVC leather. The removable T-cushion can double up as a yoga block or an underlay to elevate hips when needed. You can use it for various yoga poses and non-yoga stretching, including hip movements and leg exercises. The 9 color options include dark and light-colored wood with 9 choices of color - easily the most variety among all headstand benches out there.

Product Highlights:

  • Certified wood frame

  • Recycled foam cushion

  • Silicone foot pads

  • Max weight – 2200 lbs

What we think:

The Restrial Yoga Headstand bench looks gorgeous and assembles easy. The design is ergonomic, the pricing is modest, and it’s light enough to carry or store away. It is a non-folding design but storage shouldn't be an issue as the bench sits pretty when not in use. The height (15.4 inches) is ideal to kick up your feet while sipping coffee. Plus, the bench has a 5-year customer warranty and no-questions-asked replacement within the first two years.


5. Best Foldable: Koksry Yoga Headstand Bench

Pick this multi-use inversion bench if storage is as critical as stability.

Koksry Foldable Yoga Headstand Bench Black

The Koksry Yoga Headstand bench features a robust metal alloy frame fitted with suction cups for extra grip. The bench comes apart when you undo the self-locking hooks. Moreover, this headstand bench offers two options – one with a weight handling capacity of 330lbs and another that can bear 440lbs. They are priced differently, with the latter being more expensive.

Product Highlights:

  • Alloy Tube Frame

  • PU Foam Cushion

  • Suction Cup Footpads

  • Max weight – 330lbs or 440lbs

What we think:

Many of us live in small apartments have limited floor estate in our yoga space. For those yogis, we recommend a compact yoga headstand bench to save space. From a protection pad to a non-slip handle and fold-away design, the Koksry yoga bench offers everything you need to get ‘off the ground.’


6. Best Multi-Purpose: PEXMOR Yoga Headstand Bench

Another inversion bench with folding design but more multi-use than the previous one!

PEXMOR yoga headstand inversion bench with resistance bands

The PEXMOR yoga inversion bench costs under $60 but bears the hallmarks of a quality product. The all-black bench has a folding design with a carbon steel frame and thick foam cushion seat. It can handle a maximum of 440lbs of weight and features adjustable foot pads, textured-grip handles, and a complementary pair of removable resistance bands for a multi-faceted workout.

Product Highlights:

  • Carbon Steel Frame

  • PU Foam Cushion

  • Adjustable Footpads

  • Max weight – 440lbs

What we think:

This inversion bench is great for yoga but equally usable for generic stretches, push-ups, and other stretch band exercises. The quality of the foam cushion, framework, and handle grips are superb for the price. We do like the two forms available – headstand and sitting position. Plus, the headstand bench folds for easy storage or to carry on the go. All in all, it’s the best choice for an ergonomic, multi-function headstand bench for yoga or otherwise.

Final Verdict: Prana Picks

The FeetUp Trainer Inversion Bench, the OG inversion bench for yoga, is our top pick for its eco-friendly materials, excellent build quality, and gorgeous looks. Although a tad pricey, the bench is earth-conscious and built to last.

The Restrial Life Yoga Headstand Bench has the best customer reviews - thousands of them -making it a shoo-in for new and curious yogis who want a market-tested yoga bench to get started.

Our best value pick, the Arnesto Yoga Headstand Bench, can reliably get the job done thanks to its robust metal frame. The all-black folding bench lacks the pizzazz of its wooden counterparts, but it's wallet friendly and easy to store and transport.


Buyer Guide: How to Choose the Best Yoga Headstand Bench?

After examining the top-rated props, we believe the best headstand bench should be ergonomic, sturdy, and multi-use. It must have good cushioning beneath the shoulders and should be stable no matter what. After all, the bench is supporting the entire body during an inversion.

A minor flaw in the design can have major consequences. Stiff padding can strain the neck and shoulders. Moreover, the lack of stability can unsettle your confidence, scaring you off from the task. Therefore, it's imperative to invest in top-quality props from reputable brands.

Here are a few attributes to keep in mind when you shop for the perfect headstand bench:

Build Quality

As mentioned earlier, a yoga headstand bench should be durable and sturdy. The frame, in particular, should be steady while supporting your entire body weight. The weight handling capacity is mentioned in all product descriptions - double check before you order. Aim for more weight handling instead of cutting it close. Broadly speaking, metal and solid wood are the best frame materials. Don't skimp on this foundational parameter to save a few dollars.


Ergonomic designs play a critical role in how a yoga headstand bench performs. It also determines if the yoga bench is easy to store and transport. Folding designs, curved edges, support screws, removable T-shaped pads are some of the elements that make headstand benches more comfortable and multi-functional. Identify your needs and pick accordingly.

Price and Value

Your needs and budget always dictate the range of options available to you. Some yoga practitioners are economical. Others are willing to indulge. Ultimately, the best headstand bench is one that gives you the best value. As long as it meets your needs, any amount you are willing to spend is a good idea if it translates into value.


You should always check the bench design for its framework and features. It's the best way to score a versatile bench to "future-proof" your yoga workouts. Common features or specs include multi-function cushions that double up as yoga blocks, textured handle grips, adjustable foot pads, and quick-release screws.


In a bid to woo customers, many yoga headstand benches ship with freebies like resistance bands, stretching straps, and practice guides, among other things. Something like an extra cushion, cleaner, or spare handle grips would be desirable. All other supplemental equipment is a bonus, but only if you need it. After all, there is no free lunch.


How to Use a Yoga Headstand Bench for Inversions – Video Tutorial


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a yoga headstand?

A yoga headstand, also called Sirsasana, is an advanced inverted Hatha yoga posture. It involves balancing your body on the head with the soles of the feet facing the ceiling. It is said to improve blood circulation, digestion, hormonal balance, among other benefits. However, yogis should take the necessary precautions and follow contraindications before attempting it.

Are headstand benches worth it?

Headstand benches are a must-have prop if you are keen to learn and master Sirsasana or other yoga inversion poses. Headstands are one of the most difficult poses to master and the bench helps you learn how to do it safely, while safeguarding your neck, shoulders, and arms.

How to use a yoga headstand bench for inversions?

Get a high-quality headstand bench. Place a felt mat for traction under it and position it by a wall (keep it 6 to 8 inches away). Kneel before the bench and position your head in the U-shaped hole of the cushion. Get into position the same way you would prepare to Pike (Dolphin Pose). Bring the legs close to the stool, grip the handle on the bench, keep the abs drawn in, and lift the legs – kicking one up at a time. Keep practicing till you can hold it for a few seconds.

Are yoga inversion chairs good for you?

Yoga inversion chairs allow you to practice poses known to have many health benefits. Yoga inversion poses support lymphatic drainage and improve blood circulation, particularly the venous flow from pelvis to heart. An inversion chair is the best prop to make these poses more accessible to beginners.

Are yoga headstand benches safe?

A good-quality headstand bench is safe to use for all skill levels. Learning the proper technique is key to safety. Apply your triceps and core strength to hoist yourself up. Ensure that there is no strain on the neck or shoulders. Beginners should place it against a wall for support. You can also ask a friend or family to 'spot' you until you attain the balance to confidently do it alone.


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