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7 Best Yoga Straps of 2023 | Top Picks For Stretching

The Manduka Align Yoga Strap is perfect for all yoga-styles and skill levels.



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  • Looking for the best yoga prop to improve flexibility and alignment?

  • Use this buyer guide to find a top-rated yoga strap for stretching!

  • Our top picks feature brands like Gaiam, Manduka, and Hugger Mugger

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A woman using a yoga strap for stretching
Strap up and Yoga!

When you take up yoga, every pose is challenging, especially if you are not used to any physical activity. Beginners often struggle with alignment and proper form for postures due to limited flexibility and mobility. However, yoga stretching involves flexion, extension, and rotation components, and research [1] indicates they are the most common causes of yoga injuries. So, how can beginners attempt stretching without the risk of injury?

"Yoga props like straps, knee pads, or blocks add a layer of support and safety to your practice," says Jenna Dowell, a yoga teacher, and physical therapist. "A good yoga strap extends your reach, helps with alignment, and allows you to ease in, hold, and get out of poses," she adds.

You can use a towel, robe-tie, or necktie instead of a strap, though they are not as effective as yoga straps with cinch buckles. Luckily, even the best yoga straps cost $7 to $18. So, investing in a good one makes perfect sense. Below, we've compiled our favorite straps on the market, with considerations for all skill levels and budgets. Our selection is based on material, grip, durability, and cost. We also included some buying advice and a FAQ to answer commonly asked questions.

Best Yoga Straps: Our Top Picks

Our top pick, the Manduka Align Yoga Strap, is grippy, eco-friendly, and fitted with proprietary zinc alloy buckles. It scores a solid A on materials, stitching, and durability. Plus, it's available in 6, 8, and 10 feet lengths, meaning it works for everyone, no matter your stature or skill level.

If you are on a tight budget, the Lotuscrafts Yoga Strap provides the best bang for your buck without skimping on quality. It features an organic cotton belt with metal buckles and is available in an 8.2 ft length. Also, it's sold in three colors - white, yellow, and purple.

Lastly, beginners and first-time buyers can consider the Gaiam Yoga Strap. It is made of fray-resistant polyester with a steel D-ring buckle. It's a good yoga strap for the money, but the synthetic material may put off eco-friendly buyers.

Here's the TL;DR on the best yoga straps for stretching and strengthening.


1. Best Overall: Manduka Align Cotton Yoga Strap

"A top-rated yoga strap featuring premium materials and a BKS Iyengar design."

 Manduka Align Yoga Strap

Material: Cotton | Size: 8, 10-foot | Width: 1.75 inches | Colors: 3

This is an eco-conscious strap made with unbleached cotton and non-toxic dyes. It features a proprietary sure-secure interlock buckle made of zinc alloy. The cinch buckle lets you make adjustments and grips the strap securely to provide stable support. You can choose 3 colors (gray, purple, blue) and 8 or 10 foot lengths, but there's no 6-foot option for petite yogis.

What we think:

From Half Boat to Dancer Pose and reclining leg stretches, the Manduka yoga strap is the perfect tool to increase reach and deepen stretches. Its webbed cotton is smooth and robust, but the strap is slightly wider than usual. So, it may take a hot minute to get accustomed to it. Yogis will appreciate the patented interlocking buckle, which does a great job securing the strap. In a nutshell, this Manduka yoga strap is easy to use, built to last, and right on the money.



+ Top quality cotton strap

+ Best D-ring buckle we tested

+ Supports up to 500 lbs. weight

- Dull colors

- Material may feel stiff initially

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2. Best for Beginners: Gaiam Yoga Strap

"This top-rated yoga strap strikes the best balance between durability, functionality and price."

Gaiam Yoga Strap

Material: Polyester Blend | Size: 6, 8, 10-foot | Width: 1.5 inches | Colors: 3

The Gaiam yoga strap is made from a polyester blend that is long-lasting, easy to maintain, and fray-resistant. It has standard dimensions and rust-proof metal D-rings with an easy-release mechanism. The strap is popular (read: Amazon Bestseller) for yoga, Pilates, physical therapy, and other fitness routines. Moreover, it's available in several colors and sizes, making it easy to find the best fit for your stature.

What we think:

The Gaiam yoga strap is ideal for beginners and does a stellar job when put through the paces. On the mat, it helps with alignment, improves reach, and allows you to hold challenging poses for longer. The cinch-style buckles are sturdy and grip the strap firmly when you adjust the length. Additionally, the yoga strap rolls up compact and is hand washable, making it easy to store and clean. The eight-foot strap works for everyone, though short yogis can try the 6' length.



+ Best for beginners and advanced yogis

+ Top marks for build quality

+ Easy to loop on the fly

- Some find it rough


3. Best Value: Lotuscrafts Organic Cotton Yoga Strap

"On a tight budget? This is easily one of the best yoga strap for the money."

Organic Cotton Yoga Strap

Material: Organic Cotton | Size: 8.2-foot | Width: 1.5 inches | Colors: 10

Lotuscrafts offers a wallet-friendly yoga stretch strap made with organic cotton and stainless steel D-rings. It's 1.5 inches wide (standard) and 8.2 feet in length, which is the only size available. However, the length is suitable for anyone who isn't freakishly tall. Additionally, you can select from a wide range of vibrant and earthy colors to find an accessory to match other props in your collection.

What we think:

This eco-friendly and budget-friendly strap has many admirers, which is evident in the 3.5k+ glowing reviews on Amazon alone. It's sturdy, smooth, and has excellent grip to maintain balance while posing. Moreover, the high-quality cinch buckles let you adjust the strap to a desirable length. We love that it's a sustainably sourced, fair-trade yoga prop, which means it's great for the people and planet. Even if you don't care for that sort of thing, it's a good yoga strap to hold poses longer, reach the limbs, and improve flexibility.



+ Natural unbleached cotton

+ Top notch materials

+ Best value for money

- Lacks size options

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4. Best Reviews: Tumaz Yoga Strap for Stretching

"With 7k+ glowing reviews, this yoga strap is a safe bet for beginners and pros."

Tumaz Yoga Strap

Material: Synthetic Blend | Size: 6, 8, 10-foot | Width: 1.5 inches | Colors: 5

The Tumaz Yoga Strap spoils you for choice. It is available in all three sizes and twenty-four classic, bright, and pastel shades. It’s not just aesthetics, this extra-sturdy, ultra-durable strap can handle a maximum load of 2379 lbs – that is a ton, literally! The yoga prop claims it's superiority with a tighter knit, top notch stitching, and 60% extra thickness, possibly the best in class.

What we think:

Between the plethora of choices, a full refund option, and 60-day warranty, it’s easy to see why this internet-famous yoga strap is backed by thousands of positive customer reviews. The performance in on point and the price is modest. Moreover, to top it off, Tumaz throws in a holding band for storage as a freebie. Now, that's a top consideration for the 'best deal' hunters!



+ Top selling strap

+ Durable and affordable

+ Great return policy

+ Multiple size and colors

- Not natural materials

- Strap may feel too thick


5. Best for Pros: Hugger Mugger Cotton Yoga Strap

"Attempt advanced poses with full control with a strap from a top-rated yoga prop brand."

Hugger Mugger Yoga Straps

Material: Cotton | Size: 10-foot | Width: 1.5 inches | Colors: 3

Hugger Mugger offers a USA-made cotton webbing yoga strap that can handle up to 500 lbs of weight. This classic all-cotton strap gets overhauled with a fool-proof quick-release buckle. It spares you the hassle of threading conventional Cinch or D-Ring buckles. The tight weave feels smooth and sturdy. The quick-release buckle helps adjust the tension of the yoga strap to smoothly transition between poses.

What we think:

Hugger Mugger yoga strap is faultless if the strap length works for you. It's not cheap, but the build quality and materials justify the price. This yoga prop is durable, functional, and can handle everything but the kitchen sink, maybe that too. Whether you engage in seated forward bends or reclining leg stretches, the strength and thickness of the strap are best in class.



+ Heavy-duty strap for yoga

+ Top notch components

+ Best for plus-size yogis

- Strap can feel rough

- Plastic buckles may break

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6. Best for Stretching: Trideer Multi-Loop Yoga Strap

"One of the best yoga straps with lettered loops to keep a tab on your progress."

Trideer nylon yoga strap with 12 loops

Material: Polyester Blend | Size: 8-foot | Width: 1.5 inches | Colors: 2

Multi-loop or lettered straps are well known in the Pilates and sports community for their usefulness in warm-ups or post-workout stretches. They have now established a strong foothold in yoga for unassisted stretches, greater control, and versatile uses. Worth a shot, indeed. The Trideer strap is a high-quality nylon strap with standard width. Its 8-feet length houses 12 loops with high-quality stitching to prevent wear and tear and withstand heavy use.

What we think:

Lettered straps are the best choice for gradually increasing range of motion and flexibility. This one has 12 loops to get you into every imaginable tangle. Nylon doesn't have the greatest skin-feel but the stitching is top notch, highly unlikely to come undone. Beginners can use this strap to keep a tab on your progress. Advanced yogis can use it for yoga poses like Raja Kapotasana.



+ 12-loop design

+ Durable nylon

+ Top quality stitching

+ Multi-use belt

- Can feel clunky

- Nylon can cause 'rope burn'


7. Best Premium: YDL Mandala Cotton Yoga Strap

"The best yoga strap for hedonists and a splurge for yogis committed to their practice."

Premium printed blue cotton yoga strap

Material: Premium Cotton | Size: 8-foot | Width: 1.5-inches | Colors: 5 (Printed)

This is an organic cotton stretching strap with stainless steel D-rings and vibrant prints. It is printed with non-toxic water-based inks and comes with a no-fade promise, meaning it can endure sweat and repeated washing. Also, the yoga strap has a slip-resistant surface and stainless steel D-rings to alter the length as needed.

What we think:

Yoga Design Lab’s yoga strap is decadent and luxurious, available in a variety of colorful prints. It claims the best scores for looks and materials, but it is every bit as functional and sturdy. The non-slip grip is evident in long holds and it's easy to loop through the D-rings to adjust the length. If price is not prohibitive, it's definitely a yoga strap worth adding to your prop collection.



+ Premium materials

+ Eco-friendly, non-toxic

+ Eye-catching prints

- Expensive

- 6 or 10 foot length not available

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Buyer Guide: How to Pick the Best Yoga Strap

For whatever reasons, straps for yoga are a rather undervalued resource. Whether it is opening stiff shoulders after a long day at the computer, trying static stretches before you meditate, or restorative holds to speed up recovery, a yoga strap can demonstrably enrich your practice.

But choosing the best yoga strap for your needs can be tricky if you are a novice. Here are the key things to consider when you buy a yoga strap:

Yoga Strap Material

The best straps are generally made of either cotton, polyester, or nylon. Cotton is natural and highly unlikely to result in ‘rope burn.’ Its grip is textured and superior to nylon, especially when you have sweaty hands. It’s slight more expensive but the best choice for an eco-friendly yogi.

A nylon or blended yoga strap is cheaper but hard to recycle. However, it's a top choice because synthetic materials are durable, easy to wash, and don’t get soaked with sweat. Cotton straps for yoga tend to get and stay wet, and polyester cotton blends are the best of both worlds.

Loop Buckle or D-Ring Straps

Regardless of the material of the prop, a strap for yoga should have high-quality D-rings or buckles, and durable stitching. Both factors contribute to stability, security, and longevity of these yoga prop. A poor-quality buckle can break or rust over time, which is not desirable.

Most yoga straps have one of the following features -

  • Quick Release Buckle

  • Metal D-Ring

  • Belt-style Buckle

  • No Buckle

  • Easy Release Cinch Buckle

Yoga Strap Length

Generally, a yoga strap is available in three size options – 6, 8, or 10-feet. Six feet is the best length for small or average-sized yogis. An eight-foot yoga strap is ideal for tall (5'10" and above) and inflexible yogis. It is also helpful if you do wide stretches using the full wing span.

A 10-feet strap for yoga has spare length, which can be used for cinching or adventurous stretches. Beginners should avoid these as long straps are preferred by experienced and experimental yogis. 10-feet stretching straps are also the top choice for partner poses.

What's the Purpose of a Yoga Strap?

A stretching strap for yoga is one of the most versatile yoga props. It's used in Yin or Restorative Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Hatha Yoga, and physical therapy. This strap can benefit beginners who lack flexibility, range of motion, and suppleness.

From wide-legged folds to supine bends or twists, a yoga strap adds depth to your fitness routine. You can use it to stretch tight hamstrings, prevent the back from rounding, open the shoulders, and safely attempt challenging poses like Full Boat Pose or Reclining Staff Pose.

To summarize, here are a few top reasons to invest in a top-rated yoga strap:

  • A yoga strap promotes proper form and healthy alignment.

  • It increase mobility and flexibility.

  • Yoga straps deepen stretches to address tight areas.

  • They prevent or reduce the chances of injury.

This video demonstrates 10 best ways to use a yoga strap in your daily practice:


FAQ: Related Questions

What is a yoga strap used for?

A yoga strap is one of the props to deepen stretches and improve flexibility. You can use it to extend your reach while sitting, standing, or lying in a prone or supine yoga pose. You can also use a strap to hold poses for longer and maintain correct form and alignment.

Are yoga straps for beginners?

Yoga straps are popular with beginners but can be used by anyone, regardless of skill level. Intermediate yogis use them to improve alignment and progress safely into advanced variations. The pros use yoga straps to attempt advanced variations or try creative 'challenge poses.'

What length should a yoga strap be?

A six-foot yoga strap is best for beginners, yoga students, and normal-sized people. Opt for an eight-foot strap if you are tall or utilize the full length to stretch deep. A ten-foot yoga strap is best for tall but inflexible people or for advanced poses that use the full wingspan.

Are yoga bands the same as resistance bands?

A yoga strap is often called a yoga band or belt. But yoga bands are not the same as resistance bands commonplace in fitness routines. Resistance bands have a resistance level ranging from light to heavy and yoga bands don't offer an resistance whatsoever.

Are yoga straps useful?

A yoga strap is useful to execute and hold difficult poses. From working on tight hamstrings to keeping the arms together, it can make a huge difference. Additionally, yoga straps give you more reach, better grip, and are one of the best yoga props for a better stretch.

Our Review Process

The quality of yoga straps is determined by putting them through their paces over many sessions. Our selection starts with identifying top-rated yoga straps on the market. We check the grip, stitching, and how the strap feels against the skin. A good yoga strap should be sturdy, smooth, and without any imperfections. Securing mechanisms like D-rings are important, so we use them in as many ways as possible. Through rigorous research and testing, we compile our favorites. That said, we cannot test every brand on the market, but we update out top picks periodically to keep this list relevant. Our gear-obsessed editors and writers sift through hundreds of verified reviews before recommending the best straps for yoga.

Editor's Note: We hope this article helped you find the perfect prop for your fitness goals. Feel free to write to use if you have any recommendations. If you love what we do, follow us on Instagram for more gear reviews and yoga content.

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