The 7 Best Yoga Straps of 2021 | Go Deep, Stay Safe!

Choosing the best yoga strap is a cost-effective way to optimize your practice. It ensures a safe and fruitful session by assisting you in asanas regardless of your skill level. In this post, we present our top picks of yoga straps and belts to support you on the mat.

A woman using a yoga strap for stretching
Strap up and Yoga!

Yoga Strap Reviews | 30-Second Version | Buying Guide

When you first take up yoga, every pose is a challenge if you are transitioning from a sedentary lifestyle. Going too far into a pose can lead to strained, sore, or pulled muscles. It’s easy to deviate from the proper form for postures when things get challenging.

A recent study [1] indicates that flexion and extension are common causes of injury. Many postures like Warrior II, Cobra, Seated, or Reclining Twists have flexion, extension, or rotation components. You can use a towel, robe-tie, scarf, or necktie instead of a yoga strap to the same effect. But there is no household substitute for straps with cinch or release buckles.

"Using a yoga strap, yoga block, or other accessories can reduce the risk of injury," says Jenna Dowell, a physical therapist, and restorative yoga teacher. "They allow beginners and seniors to ease in and out of stretches, which increases the effectiveness of their yoga session," she adds.

But a strap is not just for beginners. It is a highly versatile prop to improve flexibility among yogis of all skill levels. Here are 3 reasons you might need want to invest in one -

  • Beginner: Use a yoga strap to work on tight hamstrings and prevent rounded backs

  • Intermediate: Improve balance and increase muscle strength with a strap

  • Advanced: Use multi-loop straps to maintain form and attempt challenging variations

Yoga straps are inexpensive and easily available. They are equally effective for modified programs as they are to ramp up your practice. So, we've banded our favorites together with brief reviews to empower you to make an informed purchase.

Here are our top picks for the best yoga straps of 2021 to enhance your practice.

Best Overall: YDL Mandala Yoga Strap

Printed blue cotton yoga strap

Product Highlights:

  • Material: Premium Cotton

  • Size: 8-feet

  • Width: 1.5”

  • Colors: 5 (Printed)

Yoga Design Lab offers a range of plush, 8-feet studio-quality yoga straps in five eco-printed designs. It’s non-toxic, eco-printed, and made from top-shelf materials. All that results in a heftier price tag, but strap scores big on looks and performance.

This premium cotton yoga strap’s silky texture is great against the skin. It has a non-fade color and slip-resistant surface to ensure a secure grip. Plus, it’s lightweight (travel-friendly), eye-catching, and easy to clean (gentle wash + air dry). It is hard to fault anything about it.

What we think:

YDL’s strap is decadent and luxurious. Yet, it is every bit as functional and sturdy in long holds and deep restorative stretching. It stands out from the crowd, and while it’s pricey – you do make the best of what you paid for. We recommend it to yogi’s committed to their practice.

Best Value: Gaiam Yoga Strap with Metal D-Ring

Purple cotton polyester Gaiam yoga strap with buckle

Product Highlights:

  • Material: Polyester Blend

  • Size: 6', 8', 10'

  • Width: 1.5”

  • Colors: 3

The Gaiam Yoga strap is made from a polyester blend, which makes them long-lasting, easy-to-maintain, and fray-resistant. They are the archetypal straps for yoga with adjustable metal d-rings, standard dimensions, and a very reasonable price tag.

In use, the yoga strap improves reach and promotes comfort as you hold challenging poses. It can serve to maintain alignment in extended stretches. The cinch-style D-ring buckle is sturdy, adjustable, and allows you to short or lengthen the strap to adjust tension as per your needs.

What we think:

Overall, the Gaiam strap does a stellar job when put through the paces. Its performance is augmented by the modest price, choice of colors, and the QA of Gaiam. Plus, it’s available in all sizes, so you are very likely to find the best one for your practice regardless of stature or style.

Best Multi-Use: Manduka Align Cotton Yoga Strap

Manduka Align Cotton Yoga Strap

Product Highlights:

  • Material: Cotton

  • Size: 8’, 10’

  • Width: 1.75”

  • Colors: 3

Manduka regularly features in our top picks for yoga props and accesories. They offer eco-conscious yoga straps made using unbleached cotton and non-toxic dyes. These straps are a touch wider than usual and feature a proprietary sure-secure interlock buckle for added safety.

Quality-wise, the coarse webbing and thick width are nothing short of military-grade. You won’t need a replacement for years to come. The only caveat is the length. The strap is available in 8’ and 10’ lengths. Those of short stature or diminutive proportions may have to look elsewhere.

What we think:

From simple hand-to-toe stretches to Navasana or Natrajasana, the Manduka strap is the perfect tool to increase mobility, deepen stretches, and prevent injury. The webbing is rock solid and the buckle is of superior quality. Plus, the best part is you can find creative ways to incorporate it into your routine due to the length. If you want a traditional strap, this one is the obvious choice.

Best Cotton: Lotuscrafts Organic Cotton Yoga Strap

Blue Organic Cotton Yoga strap by Lotuscrafts

Product Highlights:

  • Material: Organic Cotton

  • Size: 8.2-feet

  • Width: 1.5”

  • Colors: 10

Lotuscrafts offers a surprisingly cheap yoga strap made from organic cotton with 2 stainless steel D-rings. The standard size is 8.2’ – the only size available. You can select from a wide range of vibrant and earthy colors to find an accessory to match other props in your collection.

The adjustability, length, and pricing of the strap are tuned to the needs of the modern consumer. The buckles are top-quality and easy to attach and adjust. The texture may feel a little firm but that’s the nature of the material and weave. The yoga strap will get pliable over time.

What we think:

The Lotuscrafts Yoga Strap is an eco-friendly and skin-friendly option. It provides reliable support on the mat and carries the assurance of being a sustainably sourced, fair-trade accessory. It feels petty to nitpick or complain considering it the cheapest strap in our roundup. In that regard, it offers the best value by far.

Best Reviews: Tumaz Yoga Strap / Stretching Band

Pink and blue polyester Tumaz yoga strap

Product Highlights:

  • Material: Synthetic Blend

  • Size: 8-feet

  • Width: 1.5”

  • Colors: 5 (Printed)

Tumaz Yoga Straps spoil you for choice. They are available in all three sizes and twenty-four classic, bright, and pastel shades. It’s not just aesthetics, this extra-sturdy, ultra-durable yoga strap can handle a maximum load of 2379 lbs – that a ton, literally!

The yoga strap claims its superiority with a tighter knit, perfectly aligned stitching, and 60% extra thickness compared to the best of the competition. With 7k+ glowing customer reviews, it’s undoubtedly a ‘no-brainer’ if you don’t want to get into the nitty-gritty.

What we think

Between the plethora of choices, full refund option, and 60-day warranty, it’s easy to see why this yoga strap is backed by positive feedback. The performance in on point and the price is modest. Moreover, Tumaz sends a nifty holding band for storage with each purchase. Now, that's a sweet treat for the best deal hunters!

Best for Tall People: Hugger Mugger Quick Release Yoga Strap

Hugger Mugger Quick Release Navy Yoga Strap

Product Highlights:

  • Material: Cotton

  • Size: 10-feet

  • Width: 1.5”

  • Colors: 2

Hugger Mugger offers a USA-made cotton webbing yoga strap that can handle up to 500 lbs of weight. This classic all-cotton strap gets overhauled with a fool-proof quick-release buckle. It spares you the hassle of threading conventional Cinch or D-Ring buckles.

Whether you engage in seated forward bends or reclining leg stretches, the strength and thickness are on point. The quick-release helps adjust tension during restorative poses and transition between poses. The tight-weave feels smooth and sturdy.

What we think:

Hugger Mugger yoga strap is faultless. It completely vindicates the relatively higher price tag. It’s a great addition to your props if you want to try advanced poses. The 10’ long strap for yoga is durable, flexible, and can handle everything but the kitchen sink, maybe that too.

Best Multi-Loop: Trideer Lettered Yoga Strap

Trideer Lettered Polyester Yoga Strap

Product Highlights:

  • Material: Polyester Blend

  • Size: 8'

  • Width: 1.5”

  • Colors: 2

Multi-loop or lettered yoga straps are well known in the Pilates and sports community for their usefulness in warm-ups or post-workout stretches. They have now established a strong foothold in asana for unassisted stretches, greater control, and versatile uses.

The Trideer yoga strap is a high-quality nylon strap with standard width. Its 8-feet length houses 12 loops with high-quality stitching to prevent wear and tear with heavy use. The individual loops of lettered straps are ideal for increasing range of motion, mobility, and flexibility.

What we think:

Beginners may enjoy this strap because the loops help you keep a tab on your progress. Advanced yogis may find it to be useful when used for “challenge-poses” like Raja Kapotasana. Either way, it’s a top-notch yoga strap that you can use in both creative and conventional ways - the best of both worlds.

Prana Sutra Recommends:

Yoga Design Lab's Mandala Yoga Strap is our top choice for a plush and premium belt. It literally beckons you to use it. Manduka Align Yoga Strap is our pick of the litter among the traditional and hard-wearing straps. We recommend the Lotuscrafts Organic Cotton Yoga strap for beginners. It's inexpensive, eco-friendly, and gets the job done reliably.


Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Yoga Strap

From opening stiff shoulders after a long day at the computer to static stretches before you meditate and restorative holds to speed up recovery. A yoga strap can demonstrably enrich your practice. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you shop around for the best one -


The top yoga straps are made of either cotton or nylon. Cotton is natural and highly unlikely to result in ‘rope burn.’ Its grip is textured and superior to nylon, especially when you have sweaty hands. It’s the best choice for an eco-friendly yogi.

Nylon or synthetic yoga straps may not be sustainable but polyester blend or nylon straps are very popular choices in this category. They are hard-wearing, easy to wash, and don’t get soaked with sweat. Cotton straps tend to get and stay wet. In that regard, nylon yoga straps are better for certain styles and hot yoga.

Loop Buckle or D-Ring

Whether you pick nylon or cotton, ensure that the strap has high-quality D-rings and durable stitching. Both factors contribute to stability, security, and longevity. A poor-quality buckle or ring will make your practice unpleasant. Luckily, you have a handful of options to choose from –

  • Quick Release Buckle

  • Metal D-Ring

  • Belt-style Buckle

  • No Buckle

  • Easy Release Cinch Buckle


Generally, a strap is available in three size options – 6, 8, or 10-feet. Six feet is the best for those of short stature (under 5'). 8-feet yoga straps are best for tall (5'10" and above) and inflexible yogis. They are also helpful if you do wide stretches. A 10-feet yoga strap has spare length and can be used for cinching or adventurous stretches. Typically, the longest straps are preferred by experienced and experimental yogis. 10-feet straps are also ideal for partner poses if you do yoga with a friend or partner.

Purpose - How to Use a Yoga Strap

From wide-legged folds to strap-supported supine bends of twists, a yoga strap adds depth to your practice. Straps are typically used in restorative or physical therapy and Iyengar Yoga. They are immensely helpful for beginners who lack flexibility, range of motion, and suppleness.

On the mat, you can use a strap for a wide range of applications. You can use it to stretch tight hamstrings, prevent the back from rounding, open the shoulders, and safely attempt challenging yoga poses like Full Boat Pose or Reclining Staff Pose. Here are a few additional reasons why you may need yoga straps -

  • Yoga straps promote proper form and healthy alignment.

  • They increase mobility and flexibility.

  • Straps deepen stretches to address tight areas.

  • They prevent or reduce the chances of injury.

At the same time, a yoga strap is equally advantageous for vigorous styles like Power Yoga, Hot Yoga, and Ashtanga/Vinyasa. This video demonstrates the 10 best ways to use a yoga strap in your daily practice.

Parting Thoughts

A pulled hamstring, sore shoulders, a twinge in the lower back - despite a decade of asana, it still happens to the best of us. That’s the nature of physical activities. Luckily, the rewards outweigh the risks, especially with the best props for support (and relaxation). Hopefully, our round-up will help you choose the best yoga strap for your needs and level of expertise.

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