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Best Meditation Gifts 2023: 35 Unique Presents for Those Who Meditate

Mindfulness and meditation gifts for various needs, budgets & preferences.


  • Our expert pick of the best gifts for meditation practitioners.

  • Candle warmers, smart gadgets, spa gift boxes, blankets, and more!

  • 35 top-rated products for different levels of meditators.

  • Also, check out our top picks for the best yoga-themed gifts.

Collection of the best meditation gifts fo the holiday season

From managing chronic pain to improving mental cognition, research has shown that meditation can positively impact every layer of our being. Selecting a thoughtful gift for people who meditate encourages their efforts to prioritize self-care, attain mental clarity, and foster a deep inner connection. Whether it's a decor item, mindfulness books, or a cozy cotton blanket, meaningful gifts demonstrate your support for those who meditate regularly and inspire those who need a gentle nudge to establish a daily practice.

In this guide, we’ve curated a list of the finest meditation gifts you can give your friends and family this holiday season. Our top picks span a wide range of price points, starting with gifts under $50 and extending to up to $200. Moreover, our list considers different needs, preferences, and abilities, ensuring you can find the finest gift for your loved ones! To make your gift selection more manageable, we’ve organized them by price and included valuable buying advice at the end.


35 Best Meditation Gifts: Our Top Picks (2023)

From yoga essentials to self-care devices and smart meditation gadgets, our carefully curated products and ideas aim to help you find the perfect present for meditation enthusiasts of all levels.

Mindfulness Card Deck by Grados

While there’s no shortage of self-care card decks on the market, we love the thoughtful quotes and artful presentation of this Grado meditation gift box. It consists of 48 handmade cards with positive affirmations and artistic illustrations. While this particular set is an ideal gift for those who love meditation, there are three more options: productivity, self-love, and healthy living. Consider gifting all four decks as a comprehensive self-care gift to friends who need daily positive affirmations.

Book cover image of "Minfulness in Plain English" by Bhante Gunaratana

Books are a timeless and fool-proof choice for meditation-inspired gifts! While we could populate this entire post with essential reads, we settled for this beginner-friendly option from our guide to the best mindfulness books for 2023. Authored by Bhante Gunaratana, a renowned spiritual leader, this book is chock-full of Buddhist wisdom to reduce stress, cultivate gratitude, and discover a path to enduring inner peace. Beginners can use it to establish a daily meditation practice, while seasoned practitioners can utilize it to enrich their spiritual journey. Pairing it with a blanket and meditation cushion could also make for a great meditation gift basket!

A set of 25 mindfulness-inspired engraved stones

These engraved stones suit those seeking the best meditation gifts under $20. The set has twenty-five natural, smooth, and shiny stones, one to two inches thick, neatly packaged in a velvet pouch. Each stone varies in shape and color and is engraved with an inspiring word. Some people place them in a shallow bowl on their work desk for a quick mood lift, while others use them to decorate potted plants. They would also fit perfectly with other small items in a mindfulness-inspired gift basket.

Breathing Buddha Figurine, a visual tool to cue the 4-7-8 breathing method

Many meditators engage in a few minutes of relaxing breathwork as a part of their daily routine. This squishy Buddha figurine can assist them with a calming breathing exercise, making it a fun and thoughtful gift for your friends. This pick is essentially a six-inch figurine that uses color-changing lights to lead you through the 4-7-8 breathing technique. In case you missed it, the 4-7-8 method is designed to manage stress, alleviate anxiety, and help individuals cope with sleep disorders. It can also help the giftee learn a new technique and enter deeper states of meditation!

Mindfulness-inspired meditation card set

Introducing mindfulness to kids is a fantastic idea, but at the same time, it’s crucial to make it fun and engaging. This product is designed for that purpose, and according to the reviews, it excels at it better than anything under $20. The kit contains 24 mindfulness scripts accompanied by colorful illustrations, a breathing exercise to calm down, and instructions for visualization meditations. While it’s ideal for kids, it could also be the best meditation-themed gift for child psychologists, teachers & counselors.

Relaxed Mind Yogi Tea Gift Boz

The Yogi Tea Relaxed Mind pack contains 96 caffeine-free tea bags infused with lavender and an Gotu Kola, an adptogenic Ayurvedic herb famed for its brain health benefits. It promotes calmness, balance, and mental clarity, making it a well-intentioned gift for those who meditate.

Tibetan Singing Bowl Set for sound meditation and healing

Tibetan singing bowls are a well-loved choice for meditation gifts, but finding an authentic, high-quality product can be a serious challenge. Luckily, this bowl meets all our criteria and boasts over 24k+ glowing reviews. Handcrafted by Nepalese artisans, the set includes a golden 4-inch bowl, a wooden mallet with an 'easy grip,' and a non-dampening pillow that can be used as a steady support base. Plus, the singing bowl is easy to use, sounds incredibly relaxing, and is the ideal size for your nomadic yoga friends.

Chakra-activating essential oils, a gift set of 7

This assorted set of scents is a budget-friendly meditation gift for those interested in energy work. It comprises seven roll-on bottles filled with essential oil blends infused with crushed crystals. Each fragrance is chakra-specific, meaning it corresponds to one of the seven energy centers in the body. Moreover, this product is natural, sustainable, ethically sourced, vegan, and animal-friendly, ensuring meditation lovers of all levels and preferences will appreciate it.

Book cover of "Mudras of India" by Carol Cain

Mudras are symbolic hand gestures used in the Indian spiritual system to influence energy flow within the body. Carol Cain’s highly acclaimed book details how to practice 200 mudras, offering insights into their spiritual significance and health benefits. Rich in images, step-by-step instructions, and historical context, this book makes an excellent meditation gift for those who want to deepen their practice.

Choose Gratitude Minfulness Journal for Gifting

Designed for five minutes of daily use, this artful self-care journal is the perfect gift for those who love meditation or need some me-time to become more organized. It's Mindfulnessmade from premium materials, featuring a vegan leather hardcover, a section of the essential principles of cultivating gratitude, and 180 daily prompts to lead you into a mindfulness-inspired state of self-reflection.

Relaxing spa gift box with seven self-care items

This bestselling spa gift box comprises six products: an oat & honey soap, a lavender bath bomb, an orange + bergamot candle, a lavender Shea butter body scrub, lavender bath salts, and a relaxing pillow mist. These products are thoughtfully packaged and made from Peta-approved organic ingredients. Imaginably, this “pamper hamper” has the potential to be the best meditation gift for someone in dire need of self-care and downtime. And, no one's stopping you from adding one to the cart for yourself!

Silk eye pillows for deep relaxation and aromatherapy

Proudly made in Canada, this top-rated eye pillow can be an excellent gift for meditation practitioners and wellness enthusiasts. It features a machine-washable silk exterior and an inner casing filled with organic wheatberry, French lavender, and gemstone crystals. The weighted pillow blocks out light and promotes relaxation, while the lavender calms you down with its soothing fragrance. On top of that, you can heat the pillow in a microwave or cool it in a freezer. So, it’s a remarkably versatile gift serving various purposes, ranging from post-yoga rest, aromatherapy, hot/cold therapy, and crystal therapy.

Inklness drawing board for experiencing mindfulness

This 12” x 9.5” inkless drawing board comes with a bamboo water brush and a support base with a built-in water reservoir. Using it is a simple process: dip the brush in water and paint slowly and mindfully, allowing yourself to enjoy the present moment. The board gradually resets itself to a blank canvas, symbolizing a Zen principle: nothing in life is permanent. While it’s a fantastic meditation-inspired gift idea for adults, it also ranks as one of the best meditation gifts for kids and teens.

Zen Garden Mindfulness Therapy Set by Island Falls

Zen Garden kits are incredibly relaxing and stress-busting, ideal for disengaging from mental chatter and living in the present moment. While there are many similar kits on the market, this item comes with a generous amount of pieces and tools to craft creative Zen spaces. Having included it in our best self-care items roundup, we also find it to be an excellent gift for meditation enthusiasts.

Celebral Studio Sensory Tool Kit

This sensory toolkit features eight thoughtfully curated sensory grounding items, including two Maltose stress balls, a pop-it-board, and a breathing breathing breathing necklace. These tools are a great way to retur to reduce stress, relieve anxiety, and in the case of meditation, enter a mindfulness mindset right before your practice. Additionally, this relaxation kit is discreet, compact, and TSA-compliant, making it an excellent meditation-themed gift for those who need tools for anxiety relief and stress management.

A green meditation floor cushion by Mindful & Modern

Let’s face it: sitting cross-legged or kneeling takes a toll on the lower body, especially as you age. So, what could be a better meditation gift than a plush and premium meditation seat? Well, this round floor cushion provides stability, spinal support, and luxe comfort for sessions of deep reflection – all for less than $40. The adjustable inner cushion is filled with treated buckwheat hulls and is fully adjustable, while the soft cover is removable, machine-washable, and just the right amount of velvety. Given how much this cushion can help practitioners cope with discomfort, lower back pain, and numbness, it's one of the most practical and functional gifts for meditation lovers.

Halfmoon organic cotton yoga blanket

Having hailed this product as our top choice among yoga blankets, it was destined to feature on our best meditation gift ideas list. It’s a soft, lightweight, and artisanal blanket, hand-loomed by Indian artisans using 100% organic cotton. We admire its rich weaves, earthy color options, long-lasting durability, and environmentally friendly ethos. We’re confident it’ll make for a fine gift for meditation lovers.

A mid-century candle warmer lamp by LA Jolie Muse

Candles and lamps are highly sought-after meditation gifts because they enhance and beautify Zen spaces. Among the numerous online options, we’re convinced this LA Jolie Muse product strikes the best balance between aesthetics, features, and value. Its mid-century modern design can complement various décor styles and is available in five single and double-rod designs. We particularly love the dimmable feature, which enables users to adjust the brightness and control the scent emission.

Meditation-inspired aroma diffuser

For those who can spare $50 or so, this slick diffuser can help your meditating friends level up their sensory experience. Designed for home or office use, this corded electric diffused blends water with pure essential oils to mist a room with the calm and stress-relieving scents. Moreover, it boasts silent operation and claims to have the best mist time compared to models with similar reservoir capacity.

2-in-1 Himalayan Salt Lamp and Essential Oil Diffuser

Himalayan salt lamps and oil diffusers are two frequently spotted items in ‘best meditation gifts’ compilations, so why not gift someone both without breaking the bank? Enter the 2-in-1 design of this salt lamp and diffuser – the perfect gift to set the tone for yoga and meditation. Its broad base heats chunks of 100% pure pink salt crystals while the upper half silently disperses your desired fragrance throughout the room. The white marble finish looks elegant and fits into most home décor styles plus the giftee can also use it as a relaxing nightlight.

A lean, gray pranayama bolster pillow

You’ve already seen a bolster or two, but this lean pranayama bolster is a horse of a different color. It’s typically used for hip and heart openers to expand the lungs and can double as a seat to elevate the hips for extended meditation sessions. It’s easy to maintain and transport since the case is removable and washable and features a built-in carrying handle. You can also access the inner liner to adjust the height and firmness by adding or removing the natural buckwheat filler.

528 Hz whistle, a wearable meditation accesory

Most people have never heard of a “love” whistle until they search for the best meditation gifts! Well, it’s a thing and quite popular, too. This wearable accessory is essentially a tuning whistle that emits a sound at a frequency (528 Hz) associated with reducing stress, activating the heart chakra, and promoting relaxation. While it’s a stylish piece of jewelry on its own, this breathing and meditation whistle can also be employed for mindfulness-based breathwork, stress reduction, and alleviating anxiety.

Round Tatami floor pillow by Duoshide

These top-quality Tatami floor pillows can be used for sitting or kneeling with proper posture and alignment, which is a crucial aspect of most meditation styles. Their serene aesthetics can blend into various home décor styles, adding a delightful touch of Japanese tradition to a living or prayer space. In our opinion, this 2-pack is the perfect size for lounging, meditating, reading, and watching TV, making it a practical and versatile meditation-themed gift for just about anyone.

A compact meditation gadget by Morphee

The Morphee Zen Pebble is a portable and convenient tool to induce relaxation anytime, anywhere. It contains seventy-two audio options for various sounds, including nature sounds, relaxing music, and even 2-minute Zen sessions. The guided meditations are available in four languages and include options for stress reduction, anxiety relief, and falling asleep quickly. As a screen-free device that doesn’t emit EMF waves, it’s one of the best meditation gifts for kids or individuals needing a digital detox.

Two cork wheels and a cork massage ball

Any product that can release muscle tension and improve flexibility is potentially the best meditation gift for practitioners of all levels. This bestselling cork set is one of those, and it includes a standard-size yoga wheel, a smaller wheel, and a cork massage ball. The large wheel is perfect for back rolling and chest or hip-opening yoga poses, whereas the small wheel and ball allow you to work on smaller surface areas. With a weight capacity of up to 800 lbs, these tools can apply varying pressure to release knots, aches, and trigger points in the back, neck, and feet.

Orange cotton yoga rug by Yogasana

If you’re looking for the best meditation gifts under $100, this Yogasana cotton rug is as good as it gets. Hand-woven by Indian artisans, this standard-size rug comes in a cotton sleeve with a 15-year warranty and six color options. It’s machine-washable, travel-friendly, and suitable for indoor and outdoor practice. From an eco-friendly ethos to fair trade practices and GOTS-certified cotton, this top-tier rug oozes good karma for your practice and the planet.

Unmera Acupressure mat set for gifting

One of the best acupressure sets on the market, this 5-piece kit impresses with its craftsmanship, versatility, and portability. Crafted from high-quality materials, it’s ideal for relaxing muscles, reducing stress, improving circulation, and releasing endorphins. While acupressure mats are not meditation, incorporating them into a daily routine can enhance focus and relaxation. For this reason, this set has the potential to be an excellent meditation-inspired gift.

Zafu and Zabuton meditation set by Leewade

The set contains two meditation essentials: a round kapok-filled cushion and a lightweight sitting mat with stretch pleats. The mat rolls up compact for easy storage, and the cushion has everything you’d expect in a high-quality product, including a breathable cotton cover, a concealed zipper, and a built-in carrying handle. Based on the materials and features, this traditional kit has all the hallmarks of a great meditation gift for budding yogis, wellness enthusiasts, and Zen Buddhism seekers.

Wooden meditation bench with a curved surface

Handcrafted in Canada, this gorgeous kneeling bench is constructed with wild cherry wood and is available in three size options. Its curved surface reduces pressure on the lower back, ensuring natural and optimal alignment during extended pranayama and meditation sessions meditation. Moreover, the bench can be dismantled and stored in the included organic cotton carrying bag, so the recipient will also appreciate the travel-friendly design when they go on vacations or weekend meditation retreats.

Meditation gaget by n.o.w

The n.o.w tone therapy system is an exceptional meditation gift because it offers a unique and profoundly immersive experience. It creates a serene atmosphere with its harmonious sounds and guided meditation, effectively reducing stress and promoting relaxation. Its portability and user-friendly design make it accessible for anyone, and it's a perfect choice for both beginners and experienced meditators. The n.o.w system provides a modern and innovative approach to meditation, making it one of the best gifts for promoting mindfulness and well-being in today's fast-paced world.

Folding meditation chair with adjustable backrest

This folding floor seat with back support is worth a look for those seeking high-end meditation gifts for adults. It includes a comfy seat with a velvet cover, a 90-degree adjustable backrest, and a buckwheat-filled zafu cushion. Moreover, this product has a solid reputation in the yoga community and has garnered high praise for its durability, portability, and versatility. It’s the perfect gift for meditation, especially for those who need added comfort for cross-legged floor sitting.

Feng Shui Crystal Bonsai Tree Meditation Gift

Crafted with resin, copper, and seven chakra stones, this large and gorgeous Feng Shui tree is the perfect statement piece for a meditation lover’s practice space. Its calming presence and positive energy uplifts the spirits, and meditation lovers can even use it as a focus object for their practice. While the multi-color tree is a great meditation gift, you can also choose rose quartz (pink), amethyst (purple), citrine (yellow), and aventurine (green) versions.

12-inch Table-Top Gong Set by Zildjian

If you’re gifting a gong, it should be high-quality, as the cheap ones tend to easily chip and sound harsh and inconsistent. Zildjian produces some of the best drum cymbals in the world, used by drummers of the highest level, so their traditional 12” gong could make a perfect gift. It features a lathed front and back, making the gong more beater-friendly, visually appealing, and richer sounding. The gong’s deep vibrations can promote relaxation and reduce stress, making it ideal for sound baths, balancing chakras, and releasing emotions. Given its potential to be a top-notch statement piece in a Zen space, this table-top traditional gong is an excellent gift for committed meditation lovers.

Muse 2 meditation headband

This high-tech meditation device is an exceptional gift idea for those with a generous budget. By measuring brain activity and providing real-time responsive sound feedback during meditation, it guides users to calmer states of mind. The Muse 2 also has a companion app and a host of other features that require a whole article to get into. While it comes at a premium price point, it's definitely one of the most unique gifts for mindfulness and meditation lovers.

Planar magnetic headphones by HIFIMAN

These top-rated headphones could be one of the best meditation gifts for those who frequently listen to guided meditations, binaural beats, or calming soundscapes. Constructed with top-tier components, these high-end Hifiman cans deliver superb audio quality with pristine detail across the frequency range. The sleek headband, lightweight build, and comfy ear pads maximize comfort and minimize ear fatigue over extended listening periods. If you can spend more, ANC headphones (active noise cancellation) like Sony WH-1000XM5 will likely be a more premium and versatile gift for those who meditate.


How to Pick the Best Gift for Meditation Lovers

Keep these considerations in mind while selecting gifts for meditation enthusiasts:

Set a Budget

Establishing a budget before shopping narrows down your choices and makes it easier to find the best gift within your means. While everyone enjoys luxurious gifts, it’s the thought and intention behind the gift that truly matters. Of all people, meditation lovers are most likely to understand this, so they will appreciate anything chosen with care and consideration, regardless of cost.

Understand their practice

There are many types of meditation practices, from Zen mindfulness to Kundalini awakening and transcendental meditation. Each style may favor specific tools and accessories, so it helps to know about the recipient’s meditation practice. Alternatively, you can opt for wellness gifts or items that enhance their space, reduce stress, and improve focus.

Consider their experience level

Knowing whether the giftee is a beginner, intermediate, or experienced meditator can guide your gift selection. Consider asking them about their level of expertise, and if you cannot, choose functional items like mats, cushions, or essential oils, which are suitable for most meditators.

Prioritize quality over quantity

It’s best to select high-quality gift items as they are pleasant user experience and last longer. Look for products with positive reviews and those made from eco-friendly materials. You can also select gift items on our list, as they are from reputable brands with a proven track record.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good gift for a friend who meditates?

When picking gifts for a friend who meditates, it’s best to choose items that promote mindfulness and relaxation. You can select books on spiritual growth, essential oil diffusers, yoga bolsters, mindfulness journals, relaxing teas, meditation gadgets, or even a yoga mat.

How much does a good meditation gift cost?

The cost of a good meditation gift can range from $20 to $200 or more, depending on the specific item you choose, the brand, and your budget. Luckily, you can find thoughtful gifts at various price points that will align with the recipient’s needs and interests.

What are mindfulness gifts?

Mindfulness gifts are presents that support the practice of mindfulness meditation. Mindfulness is characterized by being fully present in the moment without judgment, and gifts that support such a practice include sound healing instruments, mini zen gardens, positive affirmation card decks, coloring books, meditation app memberships, and sensory items like stress balls and weight eye pillows.

What are the best gifts for meditation beginners?

Newcomers to meditation will appreciate gifts that encourage and support their practice. Some great gift ideas could be guided meditation books, a subscription to a meditation app, spa gift baskets, mindfulness cards, meditation timers, and journals to record their progress.


Before You Go

Now that you’ve been through our comprehensive list of the best meditation gifts, you’ve probably added a few to your own shopping cart, too. Of course, you can explore even more in our separate guide to the best yoga gifts. If you’re a last-minute shopper, remember that spiritual books are popular meditation, many of which are available for swift one-day shipping options!

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