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Best Yoga Gifts 2023: 35 Price-Sorted Items For Yoga Lovers

The finest presents to support, motivate, and pamper yoga lovers and enthusiasts!

By PRANA EDITORS | Updated: November 3, 2023


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  • Selecting thoughtful gifts for yoga lovers can be cumbersome!

  • We’ve handpicked the absolute best yoga gifts across price points

  • The finest options under $20, $50, $100, and beyond

  • Also, check out our sperate guide to the best meditation gifts

Collection of the best yoga gifts for the holiday season 2023

Purchasing gifts for yoga lovers is a fantastic way to show support for their physical and mental well-being. However, choosing the best yoga gifts can be a bit tricky for several reasons. You might not be aware of their fitness goals, preferred style, existing equipment, or underlying health conditions. Moreover, you may lack a deep understanding of asana, pranayama, and meditation, making it problematic to identify and select the most suitable gift for their needs and preferences.

Well, there’s no need to worry because we’ve got you covered. Our editorial team spent hours researching the market to curate a reliable selection of the finest yoga gifts, catering to various price ranges, abilities, and aesthetic preferences. Our focus has been on gifts that are not only unique and thoughtful but also reasonably priced. We've also included valuable buying advice on selecting one and answered some frequently asked questions on gift selection.


Best Yoga Gifts for 2023: Our Top Picks

In the following list, we present the finest gifts for yoga lovers and enthusiasts, with insights on what they are, who they are best suited for, and ideas to pair them with other gifting items.

Yoga mat cleaner spray by Muse Bath Apothecary

Every exercise mat needs a periodic refresh, so a high-rated mat cleaner is a great inexpensive gift for those with a daily practice. We’re particularly fond of this cleaning spray, which stands out for its effective cleansing and minty fragrance. It also has numerous assurances, including being vegan, chemical-free, plant-based, cruelty-free, pH-balanced, and Leaping Bunny Certified. It’s a foolproof gift for yoga lovers, and it won’t break the bank even if you buy in bulk!

Purple Gaiam yoga knee pad cushions

These round six-inch knee pads offer joint support during poses, making them the best gift for yogis with sensitive, bony, or aging joints. Of course, Gaiam is a renowned brand with a proven track record, and there a countless positive reviews to back up these bestselling knee pad cushions. While it’s a fantastic gift on its own, you can consider pairing it with other props like cork blocks, hand towels, or even a bolster pillow, resulting in a comprehensive and functional hamper.

Ozaiic Yoga Socks

A top-notch pair of grippy socks can be a game-changer for yogis who practice on hardwood floors. They prevent slips and slides caused by sweat and dirt, ensuring good balance and traction during poses. The Ozaiic yoga socks are backed by a staggering 40k+ reviews and come in 19 variations, with additional options for men. Given its top-notch reputation, this pair is a great inexpensive gift for yoga lovers.

Gray Buddha Cat Figure Yoga Gift

Let’s admit it – no matter how popular yoga may be, it can never surpass the universal appeal of cats because, well, what can? So, if you’re on the hunt for fun gifts on a budget, this Zen-faced feline figure is the ‘purrfect’ choice for the cat-loving yoga enthusiasts on your list. It’s a 5-inch-tall resin figure with life-like details, available in gray, black, and orange. If you feel generous, it’s best to gift a trio of meditating tabbies to sweeten the ambiance of a cat-lover’s practice space.

Eco-Printed Premium Cotton Yoga Strap

A stretching strap would typically qualify as a practical yoga-themed gift, but this luxurious YDL product elevates that idea to a whole new level. Made from top-tier materials, this organic cotton strap features an 8-foot belt with a non-slip grip and rust-proof D-rings. It’s an excellent prop to support your yogi friend’s quest to improve their balance, range of motion, and flexibility. Best of all, you can combine it with other YDL props and accesories to create a comprehensive hamper!

P.S. – Explore various functional and luxurious options in our pick of the best yoga straps!

Asutra Sleep Mask Gift Set

This modestly priced box set is the perfect relaxation gift for yoga lovers and meditation practitioners. It comprises a weighted lavender eye pillow and a cooling gel eye mask. The eye pillow features a pure silk exterior with an inner muslin case filled with flax seeds and lavender buds – perfect for post-yoga rest, meditation, and pre-bedtime routines. Likewise, the gel eye mask can be placed in the freezer for temperature therapy on self-care days. For a more comprehensive yoga gift, pair this set with a Kansa wand massager, aroma diffusers, and/or blanket to create a well-rounded hamper.

Book cover of "The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali" by Edwin K Bryant

In case you're unaware, the “Yoga Sutras of Patanjali” is one of the oldest and most widely studied texts related to the philosophy and practice of yoga. Bryant’s highly acclaimed book offers an accessible and comprehensive interpretation of the original text in Sanskrit, making it one of the best yoga-inspired gifts for most people. It covers all sections of Patanjali’s seminal work in great detail, providing translations, commentary, and insights in an approachable and well-structured format.

P.S. - Discover more options in our post on the best yoga sutra translations and commentaries.

Gaiam Folding Yoga Mat

Selecting a primary mat for someone can be risky because you may not know what aligns with their preference and practice style. However, yoga travel mats are a safe bet while shopping for presents, as they serve a secondary purpose with specific uses. After testing dozens of options for our best travel mat roundup, the Gaiam mat stands out as a top choice for several reasons: it’s sticky, functional, lightweight, and folds into a 10-by-12-inch tile – roughly the size of a newspaper.

To cut a long story short, it meets the criteria for a top-notch on-the-go mat, making it a thoughtful gift for your nomadic yogi friends. Plus, the it's backed by over five thousand positive reviews and is available in a wide range of color options, making it easy to find the best match for the recipient.

Wooden workout die - Yoga Gift Box

This yoga-inspired gift box contains eight six-sided die (similar to a regular board game dice) with different poses etched onto each side. The idea behind this product is to roll a die and perform the pose that lands face up. You can also use all of them to create a unique and random sequence. While primarily a novelty item, this gift box offers a fun way for yogis to introduce variety into their at-home practice.

It can be a teaching aid in group classes, so it’s also a great gift for yoga teachers. Plus, you can consider pairing it with the Asana Moon Card Deck and Yoga Sidekick Journal reviewed below.

SoulGenie Kansa Face and Foot Massager

This bestselling Kansa wand is essentially a hand-held massager with a carved wood handle and a pure bronze capping that’s free of lead. In the Ayurveda community, ‘kansa wands’ are traditionally used to massage the face and feet with herb-infused oils. Massaging the feet is known to release energetic blockages and encourage lymphatic drainage while massaging the face can help release tension and improve skin quality. The wands are also used for an Ayurvedic self-care practice called ‘Padabhyanga,’ which involves massaging the feet with warm oil to promote relaxation and improve sleep quality.

Cork yoga wedge by Hugger Mugger

This yoga wedge is an excellent gift for asana enthusiasts, especially beginners or those with sensitive joints or physical limitations. This versatile prop offers support and stability during flows and enhances balance and alignment during various poses. Our pick, the Hugger Mugger Wedge, is one of the best cork yoga wedges on the market, backed by hundreds of positive reviews. Plus, it's lightweight enough to carry to class, and the biodegradable material makes it the perfect gift for eco-conscious yoga lovers.

Onefinity Yoga Lotus Necklace

In yogic philosophy, the Lotus flower holds deep symbolism as a representation of purity and enlightenment, as it emerges from muddy waters to bloom in perfect beauty. The seven chakras (energy centers) are another unique concept within the Indian spiritual system, where each chakra symbolizes different stages on the path from spiritual awakening to self-realization. This necklace artfully combines these two elements, making it one of the best yoga gifts for the women in your list.

Book cover of "Yoga: The Path to Holistic Health" by BKS Iyengar

Books on pranayama, asana practice, and meditation rank among the most popular yoga gifts ever. If it were up to us, we’d consider this enduring bestseller by BKS Iyengar, as it is a great gift for both beginners and experienced practitioners. Presented in a large, coffee-table-style book format, the book offers a 20-week program for learning poses at your own pace and on your schedule.

The book features tens of high-quality images of each pose, along with step-by-step instructions, safety precautions, practice tips, and potential health benefits. For those unaware, B.K.S. Iyengar is one of the most prominent figures in the yoga world. So, yoga lovers will definitely appreciate this illustrated asana guide while they try to master different poses.

Mexican yoga blanket by Benevolence LA

While blankets are not considered essential yoga props, their comfort and versatility make them a great gift choice for yoga enthusiasts. Having featured it in our selection of best yoga blankets, we are particularly fond of this top-rated Mexican blanket by Benevolence LA. It’s incredibly versatile and can be draped, rolled, stacked, or folded to meet various needs. We use ours to cushion the knees and joints during poses, elevate the hips during meditation, and add warmth and coziness to post-yoga relaxation.

As a yoga gift, it offers comfort and assistance to someone’s practice while adding a pop of color to their space. Here’s a fantastic yoga gift idea: pair a yoga blanket with an eye pillow and cylindrical bolster. The trio provides everything a gift recipient requires for a restful and restorative practice!

15. Yoni Shakti” by Uma-Dinsmore Tuli

Book cover of "Yoni Shakti" by Uma-Dinsmore Tuli

Authored by Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, “Yoni Shakti” centers on the female experience, making it an ideal gift for women who love yoga. This highly-praised book addresses the physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of womanhood across various stages of life. It provides an inclusive collection of yogic practices and principles to empower women as they traverse different phases in life.

Frankly, “Yoni Shakti” is a rare resource for women seeking holistic well-being and it even earned a place in our pick of the best Tantra books. For a more comprehensive gift, pair this book with “Nawa Yogini Tantra:,” another top-rated woman-centric book.

Lovery Home Spa Gift Box

While spa gift baskets are the most popular gift ideas for just about every occasion, this 9-piece home spa set has everything yoga enthusiasts need for a quick refresh on their rest days. From a bath bomb to a body lotion, it sets the stage for a luxurious evening of pampering, leaving them enveloped in a hint of vanilla fragrance. The ingredients are cruelty-free and safe for sensitive skin, plus it comes in a handmade basket with a blank gift note to write your personalized message.

Aphrodite Turkish Hand Towel Gift Set

These eye-catching cotton hand towels are yet another foolproof yoga-themed gift, particularly for recipients who practice hot or sweaty styles. Crafted from soft, moisture-wicking, and quick-drying materials, these compact and lightweight towels will also delight on-the-go yogis who frequent the beach, studio, or weekend retreats. Plus, they are backed by positive reviews and come in various colors, allowing you to select a shade the giftee would appreciate.

If your budget allows, consider pairing these hand towels with a yoga mat towel (featured below), designed to enhance grip, improve balance, and maintain hygiene when using shared studio mats.

Baraka Sinus Care and Relief Kit

Breath awareness and control are fundamental aspects of yoga, so a neti pot is an excellent yoga-inspired gift for your loved ones. This teapot-like device has been used for centuries in Ayurveda and yoga to promote respiratory efficiency and overall well-being. It’s used to flush the nasal passages with a saline solution, effectively clearing mucus, dirt, allergens, and more.

If you’re willing to invest a bit more, the Navage bundle (featured below) is indeed a more convenient alternative, although it lacks the traditional charm of a neti pot. However, it offers more ease of use and versatility, making it one of the finest yoga-inspired gifts around the $100 mark.

Fitdom yoga mat sling bag

For those on the hunt for practical yoga gifts under $50, this sturdy and spacious mat sling bag is a top-notch choice for active yoga lovers. Made from high-quality materials, it boasts a scratch-resistant exterior, luggage-grade zippers, ventilation holes, and an expandable pocket for a pair of blocks.

The bag’s main compartment can easily fit a standard-size mat, and there are multiple pouches/pockets to carry accessories while staying organized. With remarkable durability, versatility, and functionality, this mat sling bag stands out as the perfect yoga gift for transporting props to and from classes.

Eco-printed cork yoga block by Yoloha

Speaking of bags with compartments to store blocks, top-rated blocks are always a fantastic choice when shopping for yoga-inspired gifts, regardless of the recipient’s skill level and body type. Having tested several options for our buying guide, we were especially impressed by this high-end cork block. That said, yoga practitioners commonly use two blocks, so gifting a pair would be ideal.

Premium Yoga Deck by Asana Moon

This asana deck is a suitable gift for a wide range of recipients, from beginners to yoga teachers. It includes large, premium-quality cards that display the Sanskrit name, illustration, instructions, and practice cues for over 120 yoga poses. The poses are numbered and color-coded for easy sequencing, with added information such as skill level, pose category, and chakra indicator. Best of all, it can help the yoga lovers in your life practice poses more safely and effectively.

Yoga Sidekick Journal by Habit Nest

This meticulously designed journal is undoubtedly one of the top choices for those just starting their journey. It’s a 324-page book with sections covering the principles of yoga, resources to establish a daily practice, and 66 guided flows for various skill levels. Everything is articulately explained, beautifully illustrated, and packaged within a plush canvas-like vegan cover. Considering the effort gone into producing this journal, we can't help but tout it as one of the best yoga gifts for beginners!

Yoga wheel set by Ajna Wellbeing

While yoga wheels are relatively new to props, they’ve gained massive popularity in recent years among asana enthusiasts and influencers. They can be used for a variety of purposes, from core strengthening to deepening stretches and back rolling (self-massage). Of course, owning three different-sized yoga wheels, like this Ajna set, proves to be more versatile than owning a single regular-size wheel.

Each typeof wheel can target different body parts, and as a whole set, the props can provide support for a much broader range of poses. So, this top-rated wheel set has the potential to be the best yoga gift for men and women who wish to develop their strength, flexibility, and balance.

Kindfolk yoga mat duffel bag

This trendy canvas duffel is a fantastic yoga gift if you are selecting a present for someone who commutes to class frequently. It’s been touted as the best yoga mat bag by numerous web articles and is backed by 1k+ glowing reviews on Amazon alone. Crafted from top-tier canvas or vegan leather, the bag is sturdy, stylish, and spacious enough to fit in a standard-size mat with a bunch of accessories. Plus, there are seven color options to find the perfect match for the yoga lovers on your list.

Cork fabric meditation cushion by Shakti Warrior

While there are many yoga floor pillows on the market, cork-fabric cushions are rare, so this product has a unique edge over the competition. From a practical perspective, it features standard dimensions, treated buckwheat filler, an organic cotton liner, and a cork cover. ICYMI, cork has many likable qualities, including being eco-friendly, non-toxic, antimicrobial, and skin friendly. So the cushion is bound to be a memorable gift for all sorts of yoga enthusiasts, regardless of their practice style.

Round yoga bolster by Sol Living

Although yoga enthusiasts favor rectangular bolster pillows, cylindrical alternatives are the best choice for restorative stretching and deep relaxation. Having featured the Sol bolster in our best yoga bolster selection, it was a natural addition to this list of the best yoga gifts. It can be placed under the back to expand the lungs or under the knees to add more comfort to post-yoga rest. So, as a gift, this pillow can ramp up any yoga routine, no matter your body type.

Blue yoga mat towel by Manduka

This Manduka mat towel has an unrivaled reputation in the community, making it one of the best yoga-inspired gifts under $75. Typically, you lay it over a mat with the grippy side facing down. The anti-slip dots on the base ensure that it adheres to the mat, while the slip-resistant surface enhances stability and absorbs sweat during poses. For this reason, a yoga mat towel is a thoughtful present for hot yoga enthusiasts and on-the-go practitioners. However, it can also be used as a hygienic layer to avoid direct contact with shared studio mats, so it’s a practical gift for yoga lovers across practice styles.

Yoga bolster 2-pack by Unmera

The Unmera set includes a pair of mini yoga bolsters with a recycled foam core and an eco-suede cover. The black cover is adorned with a golden mandala print and a built-in carry handle for easy transport. It makes for a good meditation gift because even if your friends or family have yoga bolsters, it’s doubtful they have this unique variety. Don't fret, though. It's just as functional and can enhance a yoga enthusiast's practice by adding depth and versatility to their prop collection.

7-piece beginner's kit by Clever Yoga

As a gift, this 7-piece beginner kit shows your support and encouragement for the recipient’s interest in learning yoga. It is thoughtful and practical, eliminating the hassle of researching and shopping for individual items. This Clever yoga kit is a comprehensive all-in-one solution, featuring a TPE yoga mat, two foam blocks, a strap, mat and hand towels, and a bag to carry everything to and from class and back. We think it’s one of the best yoga gift for people looking to get start a practice. You could go a step further and pair it with an annual membership from our selection of the best yoga apps.

Premium cork mat by Body by Yoga

One of the best cork mats on the market, this eco-friendly underlay is wider and thicker than its competitors, providing top-of-the-line cushioning and support during poses. It’s made of non-toxic materials, featuring a non-slip cork surface and a grippy natural rubber base for superior traction. Moreover, the mat’s quarter-inch thickness provides excellent joint support, and the 20% extra surface area provides ample space for yoga lovers of varying statures.

Brentwood Home Yoga Bolster

Bolsters are super versatile yoga props, offering crucial support and comfort during long-held poses, restorative stretching, breathwork, meditation, and post-yoga relaxation. While plain Jane options exist for those seeking inexpensive yoga gifts, this California-made premium bolster truly stands out among the crowd. Available in three sizes (round, regular, and lean), it boasts a modern design, non-toxic materials, high-quality stitching, and abundant positive reviews. For these reasons, it’s easy to recommend as one of the best yoga gifts under $100.

Navage Nasal Irrigation Bundle

This nasal irrigation bundle is a more modern and convenient alternative to the traditional yoga neti pot featured above. Its power-suction system is designed to clear the nasal passages and promote unobstructed breathing, which can help yoga lovers focus and relax better. The bundle contains everything needed and is simple to use, even for first-time users. All in all, it’s the perfect self-care tool for health enthusiasts and one of the best gifts for those prone to allergies and sinus congestion.

Banana fiber mat by Yoga Kharaga

Crafted from Indian cotton and banana fibers, this hand-woven mat is a supportive and sustainable addition to any yoga lover's prop collection. Its grippy surface promises a smooth flow, and the 3mm rubber base ensures a slip-free practice even when things get sweaty. At just 3.3 lbs, the mat’s lightweight is perfect for travelers and beach-loving yogis. Best of all, selecting it comes with the good karma of supporting a small business providing livelihood for women artisans across India.

Feetup Headstand Bench

Sirasana, the Headstand Pose, is often called the ‘King of Poses” due to its numerous health benefits. At the same time, every yogi struggles to master this asana, and tools like this Feetup headstand bench can be the best yoga gift to assist them in this arduous process. While cheaper alternatives exist, we think it’s worth paying extra for the high-quality materials and sturdy build of this inversion bench. Low-quality options often lack the stability that comes with quality craftsmanship and may even topple over, and you wouldn’t want to gift someone a bench that can’t “stand” up to the challenge!

Jabra Elite 8 Active TWS earbuds

While Jabra has an impressive catalog of earbuds, the Elite 8 Active is designed to cater to the needs of active and outdoorsy folks. It excels in terms of noise-canceling tech and sound quality, making it the perfect yoga gift for those who enjoy listening to music while working out. Additionally, these earbuds have an IP68 rating (water and dustproof), so they can keep up with the most dynamic styles and fast-paced flows in indoor or outdoor settings. Lastly, but no less important, their battery lasts nearly ten hours on a single charge, which is undoubtedly the best you can get in this price range.

How to Select the Best Gifts for Yoga Lovers

While selecting gifts is a personal decision, the recipient's unique needs and interests matters as much. So, consider these factors while choosing the best yoga gifts for people on your list:

Set a budget

The cost of good yoga gifts ranges from $15 to $200, depending on what you’re comfortable spending. Setting a budget narrows down your choices while also ensuring you don't overspend. For those with a sizable budget, you can splurge on one high-priced product or pair multiple gifts to create a yoga-themed basket. Still, remember that the sentiment matters more than making extravagant purchases.

Consider their practice style

There are over twenty styles of yoga practiced worldwide, each with a different approach to physical and mental well-being. Luckily, most of these styles can be categorized into three types: gentle, dynamic, or meditative practices. Gentle and meditative styles use a lot of props for support and comfort, so bolsters, blankets, and eye pillows can be great gifts. Dynamic styles are vigorous and physically demanding, so yoga blocks, mat towels, stretching straps, and back rollers are excellent gifts for such recipients.

Check with their needs

It never hurts to ask someone about the items on their wish list that can improve their practice. This way, you can ensure your gift aligns with their needs. If the giftee already owns a substantial prop collection, selecting personalized items can ensure you don’t give them redundant gifts.

Factor in personal preferences

When purchasing yoga gifts, consider the recipient’s personal style, aesthetic preferences, and whether they prefer practical or personalized items. If, for whatever reason, you cannot accurately profile their needs, opt for foolproof gifting ideas like bestselling books or items related to self-care and wellness, such as nasal cleansing kits, pamper hampers, scented candles, and essential oil diffusers.

Frequently Answer Questions

Is a yoga mat a good gift?

Yes. A yoga mat is a practical and thoughtful gift to support the well-being of asana enthusiasts. However, it’s essential to consider the recipient’s preference, age, style of practice, and skill level, ensuring you select a mat with the appropriate thickness, material, and dimensions.

What are the best gifts for yoga teachers?

In most probability, a yoga teacher already has the apparel and gear they need, so it’s best to get them gifts symbolizing how much you appreciate their dedication and guidance. A monogrammed tote bag, personalized water bottle, or custom-made jewelry, and spa certificates could work.

What do you get a girl who loves yoga?

Scented candles, spiritual books, stylish apparel, and subscriptions to wellness magazines are frequently recommended as the best yoga gifts for women. You can also consider a high-quality mat or supportive props like round meditation cushions, blankets, towels, and rectangular bolster pillows.

What are some good gift ideas for yoga moms?

For those seeking the best gifts for yoga moms, we recommend the Lovery Home Spa, Asutra Silk Eye Pillow, Yoloha Cork Blocks, and Kindfolk mat bag. Mom may also appreciate a copy of “Yoni Shakti,” a practical yoga guide book that focuses on the feminine energy and experience.

Before You Go

We hope this gifting guide for yoga lovers has given you one or more ideas for the people on your list. Since self-care, wellness, and meditation gifts - more often than not - tend to overlap with yoga-themed gifts, feel free to check out the related buyer guides for more ideas and options.

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