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The Yoga community has always been about a collective voice that represents ideas and individuals from every sphere of life. If you think you have something valuable to contribute, we will gladly feature your article on our website. It can be as simple as how pranayama or yoga changed your life to something as esoteric as dissecting the ideas of in classical texts.


We will consider it for publication if it has an engaging tone, insightful information, and the quality of writing we seek from each of our writers. In return, we may link to your work, website, or service to help you reach a wider audience.

Prana Sutra has an unwavering commitment to provide accurate and unique content to its readers. We accept articles by yoga students, teachers, startup founders, authors, and bloggers who have a sincere personal practice and in-depth knowledge about yoga and/or pranayama.


All articles should be submitted to the Editor-in-Chief via the contact us page. If you are writing something specifically for the website, please send the topic and a brief overview for approval before you start. We are looking for content in the following areas: 

  • Routines, flows, or breathing exercises.

  • Commentary on the philosophical aspects of yoga and pranayama.

  • Interviews with teachers, authors, or other experts in any spiritual tradition.

  • Engaging personal stories to inspire our readers.

  • Unique and original content (no plagiarism will be tolerated).

Editorial Guidelines: 

  • Submit a MS Word file or Google doc with proper formatting using H1, H2, etc. 

  • Please include a photograph and bio. You can include a link to your work in the bio. 

  • Word count: 700 (minimum) to 2500 (maximum)

  • 100% Original and Plagiarism Free

  • Please include 1-2 internal links to articles from our website.

If you wish to submit a sponsored post, please mention that information in your email. 

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