Pranayama refers to seated breathwork or breathing techniques in yoga to control, regulate, and expand the life force within us. Hatha Yoga Pradipika says "without it all yoga poses are hollow and lifeless". We hope this can become your go-to resource for pranayama, one that you can share with your friends, family, and yoga community.  

Part One: Basics 

Our Preparatory Series is designed to help new practitioners understand the aspects of breathing in the context of yoga. These lessons will prepare you for pranayama and should be mastered before attempting advanced practices.  

  • Observe the breath

  • Understand all aspects of the breath

  • Experience prana in the body

  • Strengthen lung function and capacity

v. Anuloma | अनुलोम 
Interrupted Breathing in Yoga

The 5 Best Postures for Pranayama

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Lotus Pose

Auspicious Pose

Hero Pose


Easy Pose

Selective Nostril Breathing

Calming | Cooling Pranayama

Sitali (pronounced see-ta-lee) is better known as the Cooling Breath - a yoga breathing technique that has a calming and cooling effect on the mind and body.


Sheetali (pronounced she-ta-lee) is also called the Hissing Breath - a yoga breathing technique with similar benefits that can be used as an alternative to Sitali pranayama.


Warming | Energizing Pranayama

Kapalabhati is known as the Skull Shining Breath and Breath of Fire. It is a Hatha Yoga purification technique that involves short, forceful breathing to clear the sinuses and brighten the mind. 


Bhastrika (pronounced bha-STRI-kaah) is called Bellows Breathing. It is a cleansing technique that involves breathing in and out while making a sound similar to a blacksmith's bellows. Use it to energize and clear the nasal passages.


Pranayama for Children 

Pranayama and Pregnancy