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5 Best Pranayama Yoga Pillows (2022) 

A yoga breathing essential for relaxation, deep stretching and chest openers.

By PS EDITORS | Reviewed by Vineet Kaul | 

Last Updated: June 25, 2022

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Eager to add pranayama to your daily yoga routine? Fifteen minutes of rhythmic deep breathing is Lotus Pose is easy to underestimate. If you are feeling frustrated, these pranayama bolsters can help make life easier!


Pranayama has various psycho-physiological health benefits [1]. But unlike yoga poses that show quick results, yoga breathing is a slow build. The practice can take a few weeks to grasp and a few months to attain noticeable results. Alas, practitioners lose heart in the meanwhile.


If you can stay motivated, that’s great. But if you need a nudge, it might be time to consider a pranayama bolster, for that extra breathing space! You can use pranayama bolsters in conventional or creative ways, all of which result in therapeutic benefits and more fun of the mat.


These bolsters are designed keeping the contours of your body in mind. Place them across or along the length of your spine and they encourage complete release of muscles around the chest, shoulders, and back. Plus, they can double up a prop for relaxation after yoga asana.


That’s additional value and therapeutic benefits. But we won’t go into those details as we covered them in ‘What is a Pranayama Bolster?' and how it allows for deeper breathing. Here, we present a selection of wallet-friendly bolsters to consider for your pranayama practice.

Summary: Best Yoga Pranayama Pillows of 2022

Best Overall: HuggerMugger Pranayama Yoga Pillow

“Handcrafted with great attention to detail, this bolster is a no-brainer if you want to explore the prop. It’s adjustable, durable, and backed by hundreds of glowing customer reviews.”


Best Budget: Yogaccesories Cotton Pranayama Yoga Pillow

“A small-than-usual pranayama bolster stuffed with cotton batting at half the price of other options in this roundup. It’s firm, eco-friendly, and easy to clean or maintain.”


Top Pick: Brentwood Home Crystal Cove Pranayama Pillow

Looking for a gorgeous yoga pillow with buckwheat filling? This Crystal Cove bolster ticks all the boxes and have great customer reviews to back it up.”

Best Buckwheat: Manduka Enlight Yoga Pranayama Yoga Pillow

“A lightweight yoga pillow with a foam core and a suede-like microfiber cover. It’s an excellent choic for restorative stretches and replenishing your energies.

Best Reviews: Bean Products Pranayama Bolster

“Made from sustainably sourced, eco-friendly, and domestically produced materials, the company makes one of the best pranayama yoga pillows for the money.”


This pranayama bolster features a cotton inner liner with fluffy cotton batting and a an upholstery-grade cover with carry handles on both ends. Again, you can add or remove the stuffing to achieve the desired height and firmness. You can spot clean the cover occasionally and throw it in the washing machine for a thorough cleaning.

Key Features:

  • 25” x 6” x 3” (L x W x H)

  • 100% Organic cotton cover and filling

  • Weighs 2.6 lbs

  • Nine color options

  • Made in USA

What we like:

The HuggerMugger pranayama pillow is a shoo-in for chest openers, restorative stretching to open up the back muscles, and supine poses to regenerate your energies. The stitching is top notch and the fabrics are durable. The bolster is on the firm side and it holds its shape well, and is fully customizable. It is, without doubt, a top quality pranayama bolster, handmade with love. 


YogaAccesories offers a smaller-than-usual pranayama bolster designed for breathing exercises. It features a cotton liner stuffed with organic cotton batting and a thick canvas cover with a lengthwise zipper and fabric flap. The cover is easy to clean (machine wash) and has carry handles on each end. You can adjust the pillow’s height and firmness by adding or removing the filling. Bank on it, cotton tends to settle over time.

Key Features:

  • 25” x 6” x 3” (L x W x H)

  • 100% Organic cotton cover and filling

  • Weighs 2.6 lbs

  • Nine color options

What we like:

This pranayama bolster is ideal for those looking for a firm pillow on a budget. From the well-sewn seams to the inner liner and washable cover, everything is top quality. For the price, this bolster exhibits excellent workmanship and quality. Plus, the unique size makes it easy to use this bolster in new and exciting ways.


This pranayama  a cover with an inner liner (organic cotton) and Oeko-Tex certified buckwheat fill. It has box-stitched handles – a strap on each end – to carry the pillow to class or outdoors. The bolster cover is removable and machine-washable. You can adjust the height and firmness by adding or removing the fill. Additional buckwheat filling can be requested if need be.

Key Features:

  • 25” x 11” x 6” (L x W x H)

  • Organic cotton over and buckwheat filling

  • Weighs 12 lbs

  • Made in USA

What we like:

This Crystal Cover pranayama bolster can help take poses deeper while providing firm yet comfortable support. It’s made from natural, heavy-metal free, and non-toxic materials, including certified organic cotton and buckwheat. We dig the pillows chic Boho design that looks great when lying around on the couch. Plus, you can customize it to you needs and get a whole set to vibe up your yoga space.


Yogis, please note that buckwheat hull is heavier than cotton. Bolsters with buckwheat filling are idea for reclining or seated postures.


This elongated rectangular bolster is the pranayama version of Manduka’s famed yoga bolster.

It features a velvety micro-fiber cover that is removable and absorbent. The cover sports two handles – one to each side – for easy on-the-go use. You can remove the outer cover and machine wash it. However, you cannot adjust the filling as it features a foam core.

Key Features:

  • 27” x 9” x 6” (L x W x H)

  • Microfiber cover

  • Recycled polyester core

  • Weighs 0.95 kgs

  • Two color options

What we love:

The Manduka Enlight pranayama bolster is plush, enduring, and lightweight. It’s one of the best options for light stretching and meditation. But it lacks the firmness of buckwheat or cotton to fully open up the front. The foam core offers superior comfort with extra ‘give,’ but some of it comes at the cost of firmness. Either way, it’s a great bolster to sit on while doing pranayama or place under the head, lying in Corpse’s Pose with your arms outstretched.


We  featured Bean Products as out top pick in the best yoga bolsters. Their pranayama bolsters are equally commendable. It features a removable, all-natural hemp cover and an cotton inner liner stuffed with cotton batting. It holds four layers of batting for firmness and excellent structural integrity. 

Key Features:

  • 28” x 7” x 6” (L x W x H)

  • Hemp cover with cotton filling

  • Chemical-free, sustainable materials

  • Weighs 3 lbs

  • Made in USA

What we like:

The dimensions of this pillow are slightly larger than similar pranayama bolsters. For an average-sized person, it should extend from the neck to the tailbone. Placing it under the back opens up the chest and lungs beautifully. The cover (hemp/cotton) is soft, comfortable and removable for easy cleaning. The filling is supportive with excellent ‘give.’ It’s a great purchase for pranayama and restorative poses.