Who We Are

"When you own your breath, nobody can steal your peace."

Much is said about asana and meditation, but not enough about pranayama - the heart of yoga. We, at Prana Sutra, took it upon us to create content about yoga techniques that leverage the breath to elevate consciousness.


More than a yoga blog or magazine, Prana Sutra is an attempt to revive the lost art of breathing. We aim to be a go-to yoga resource for content, training, and courses to support your spiritual journey.


We explore simple yet profound ways to ride the breath to the doors of consciousness. Something we have found attainable with the simple addition of spiritual and self-care practices.


What Do We Do

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"Appreciate your breath, it is always there for you.

We all have the ability to steady and steer our body and mind, but we struggle in the throes of the everyday life. The modern zeitgeist isn't designed to accommodate mindful living or a sustainable pace of life.

Our times call for self-awareness, better health, and compassion. We believe the human breath is a doorway to personal growth, spiritual upliftment, and social change.


Our content is designed to hep your learn practices that bring focus, mental clarity, and wellness into your daily experience. We aren't a social initiative, but we strongly feel balanced individuals can transform the world. 

How Do We Do It

"To be mindful and present, learn to ride the current of prana.

We are aware of the dwindling attention spans, but we chose not to sojourn it. It feels counterproductive to reduce the profundity of spiritual traditions to actionable bullet points - a hot bed for misinterpretations that lack context.

Though marketing gurus may disagree, we find it both ironic and apathetic to succumb to this malaise. All ancient wisdom and spiritual traditions has been passed down through the exquisite (and somewhat lost) art of storytelling. 


We hope to find engaging ways to rekindle that art as we chronicle information. In doing so, we'll reconcile known ideas of narration that are practicable, palatable, and captivating.    

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