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Prana Sutra Content and Commerce Guidelines


Our Mission

We are on a three-pronged mission – a) to create engaging and authentic content, b) to help our readers learn and understand yogic techniques and traditions, and c) to provide top-quality product reviews to inform your purchase decisions.

Informational Content


Our content is meticulous researched and informed by a close reading of the yoga texts combined with insights from our personal practice. Each post or article is written in conjunction with a certified expert, reviewed by an experienced yoga trainer, and fact-checked thoroughly during the editorial process. In other words, we are committed to excellence. 

We take every possible measure to ensure that our posts are authentic, exhaustive, and insightful. Our Editor-in-Chief ensures that each post is reviewed by a relevant member of the content team before it is presented to an audience.

Disclaimer: Our content is only for educational and informational purposes. It should not be taken as medical advice or diagnosis. Please consult a physician before you using yoga or pranayama as a supplementary therapy. Do not, under any circumstances, use it as a substitute for ongoing medical treatment.

Product Reviews

Product Reviews

Our content reviewers are an ever-growing team of certified trainers/therapists and passionate practitioners. They relentlessly scan the offline and online markets to curate the best products based on their expertise.

These subject-matter experts have active engagement with their communities. Many of them own yoga studios and have a finger on the pulse of the best products for the population. They provide us with insights, suggestions, and additional resources to create a thoughtful list of products that can deepen or expand your yoga practice.

We cater to every style and budget by including a variety of products ranging from practical, entry-level props to indulgent premium options. We typically recommend products from dependable brands known for a reliable level of customer service and quality assurance.


The online market is volatile and subject to change. We intend to periodically revisit and update our reviews or recommendations to ensure accuracy and relevance. Feel free to notify us if a product is recalled or unavailable.

DisclosurePrana Sutra is a reader-supported website. We may receive a small fee if you purchase a product from our links at no extra cost to you.

Why Trust Us?

Why Trust Us?


Our loyalty is to you – the reader – and not to any brand or outlet. Our recommendations are 100% sincere, sourced by fitness experts and experienced yogis with meticulous research and/or first-hand knowledge.

We do not recommend products in lieu of discounts, freebies, or favors from brands or manufacturer's. Our goal is to guide each reader to the best purchase by reducing the burden of research, And, to get their money’s worth, too.

Get in Touch

Prana Sutra is a community that thrives on your involvement and engagement. We welcome your comments, feedback, and questions. If you wish to write for us or share with our team, feel free to get in touch via the contact page.

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