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7 Best Travel Yoga Mats For On-the-Go Practice

The YOGO Ultralite is our top pick for the best travel yoga mat for all types of travelers.


Last Update: December 17, 2022

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  • Take your practice everywhere with mats designed for traveling yogis!

  • We put forward the best travel yoga mats in the current market

  • Our top picks include Manduka, Gaiam, Jade Yoga, and others

  • Also, check out the seven best eco-friendly yoga mats for a green practice


What's Covered:

The Best Travel Yoga Mats of 2023

  1. YOGO Ultralight Travel Yoga Mat

  2. Hugger Mugger Tapas Travel Mat

  3. Gaiam Foldable Travel Yoga Mat

  4. Manduka eKO Travel Yoga Mat

  5. YDL Travel Yoga Towel + Towel

  6. Jade Travel Yoga Mat

  7. Lieforme Travel Yoga Mat

How to Pick the Best Travel Yoga Mat


  1. Can a yoga mat fit in a suitcase of carry-on luggage?

  2. Can a yoga mat be folded?

  3. Can you carry a yoga mat on a plane?

A mat is essential gear if you practice yoga while traveling. But every inch and ounce counts on the go or when you live out of a backpack. A standard mat can occupy a third of your suitcase, adding weight to your luggage. Not ideal!


“A regular yoga mat is designed for grip and comfort, not to pack down small. Conversely, a travel yoga mat is thin, light, and easy to carry around," says Geert Meijer, an Iyengar yoga instructor. "Travel yoga mats often have a foldable design, built-in straps, and other travel-friendly features to practice on the go,” he adds.

Best Travel Yoga Mat: Short Answer

The YOGO Ultralite is sticky, lightweight, and smartly designed, making it our favorite travel yoga mat for 2023. Audition the Manduka eKO Superlite Travel Yoga Mat – it's budget-friendlier, but you forgo the built-in straps and carry handle.

We spoke to traveling yogis to decipher how to pick the best travel yoga mat. Their answer was it should be sticky, durable, supportive, and light. So, we found researched and tested top-rated mats on the market to find the best of the best. We also pooled our know-how into a buying guide you'll find below.

Here are the best travel yoga mats on the market, according to our research.

Top Picks

“The folding ingenuity makes this one of the best travel yoga mats we tested."


Key Specs:

  • Natural Rubber Mat

  • Built-in carrying straps

  • Size: 68” x 24” 

  • 1.5mm thickness

  • Weighs 2 lbs

  • Available in 2 colors

Designed for travelers and urbanites, the YOGO mat folds up to the size of a newspaper. It's lightweight, compact and features integrated straps and a carry handle. The mat fits in a purse or suitcase and can be strapped to a bike or motorcycle. You can wash and drip dry it, so it's easy to keep clean while traveling.


What we think: 


The Ultralight mat is made of natural rubber and free of harmful chemicals. It has an ultra-thin profile and sticky textured surface for superior grip. The travel mat turns into a 68-by-24-inch underlay when unfurled – the same as a standard yoga mat. It costs as much as other high-end equivalents but features a one of it's kind design with built-in carrying straps. There’s a larger version for taller yogis, too.

Unlike other mats we tried, the Ultralite had a superior dry grip and didn’t shift during practice. More importantly, the mat lies perfectly flat on uneven surfaces, tough it may lift up when it is breezy. The 1.5mm thickness isnt' first-rate cushioning but quite normal for a skinny fold-up mat. It's best to pair it with a microfiber towel for Hot Yoga or intense fitness workouts.

Reasons to Buy

  • Non-toxic natural rubber mat

  • Built-in carrying straps

  • Lightweight and foldable

  • Amazon Bestseller

Reasons to Skip

  • No color options

  • Not ideal for sensitive joints

Best Overall

2. Best Budget: Hugger Mugger Tapas Foldable Yoga Mat (Travel Version)

“The best lightweight yoga mat for travel if you are on a shoe-string budget."


Key Specs:

  • PER travel mat

  • Size: 68” x 24”

  • 3.18mm thick

  • Weighs 1.4lbs

  • Foldable

  • Available in 2 colors

Despite being the most cheaply priced, the Hugger Mugger Tapas Travel Yoga Mat scored well on all attributes, including grip, weight, durability, and value for money. For those reasons, it’s our best pick for yogis who don’t want to get spendy.


What we think:


This one is a PER yoga mat with a closed-cell and textured construction. The sticky surface provides a solid grip for your hands and feet while posing. The base is hextremely stable during intense flows, and the cushiony feel has you covered while you rest in Corpse Pose. It's 1/8 inches (3.18mm) thick, weighs 1.4 pounds, and can be rolled up or folded – treasured features to have in a travel companion.


Unfurled, the 68-by-24-inch size is roughly the same as a standard mat, so it should work for travelers of all shapes and sizes. Overall, the Hugger Mugger Tapas travel mat is an excellent underlay, though you should pair it with a towel if you sweat a lot. You can even lay a cotton rug atop the mat for Hot Yoga at home. If the PER material doesn't bother you, this mat offers fantatic bang for your buck.

Reasons to Buy

  • Inexpensive yoga mat

  • Sticky, textured surface

  • Lightweight and foldable

  • Works for all styles of yoga

Reasons to Skip


  • Too thin for tender joints

  • Only available in 2 colors

Best Budget

3. Best Foldable: Gaiam Travel Yoga Mat

"The best foldable yoga mat for travel and outdoor practice."


​Key Specs:

  • Non-toxic PVC mat

  • 68” x 24”

  • 2mm thickness

  • Foldable

  • Weighs 1.82lbs

  • Available in 6 colors

Even the most lightweight standard yoga mat resists folding, making it inconvenient to pack. On the other hand, this Gaiam mat folds into a 10” x 12” tile and can fit it in a laptop bag, carry-on, or suitcase. Since it just weighs two pounds, we tout it as the best foldable yoga mat for travellers and urbanites.


What we think:


The Gaiam Travel Yoga Mat is a non-toxic PVC mat with a thin profile and folding design. It’s grippy, lightweight, and durable - important features for travel mats. In use, the mat has excellent stickiness, both front and back, and doesn’t move under your feet. It's fairly comfy and can be used without additional support.

The yoga mat is a perfect travel companion for weekend retreats, grassy fields, and sandy beaches. It’s easy to clean and carry, and it won’t add weight to your luggage. That said, it’s a PVC mat, not the best mat material for the planet. Also, the wet grip is slightly slippery, so pair it with a yoga towel for extra safety.

Reasons to Buy

  • Sticky, durable travel mat

  • Folds up compact
  • Variety of printed designs

  • Affordable, excellent value

Reasons to Skip


  • Strong scent initially

  • Slippery when wet

  • Not eco-friendly

Best Folding

4. Best Lightweight: Manduka eKO Superlite Travel Yoga Mat

“The best all-around travel yoga mat pound for pound, or so we think.”


Key Specs:

  • Natural Rubber mat

  • Size: 71” x 24”

  • 1.5mm thickness

  • Weighs 2.2 lbs

  • Foldable

  • Several color options

Thise Manduka travel mat had the best price-to-performance ratio among the travel yoga mats we tested. Weighing roughly 2 lbs, it's made of all-natural rubber (99% latex-free rubber) that's biodegradable, non-toxic, and free from harmful chemicals. The 2.2 lbs travel yoga mat can be rolled or folded, making it easy to travel with. 


What we think:


The Manduka travel mat has a rubber top with a rippled texture for superior grip. Its closed-cell surface resists moisture and is easy to clean, but it can become slippery as sweat pools atop the mat. It's best to pack a mat towel if you practice Hot Yoga. The dimensions (71" x 24") are standard yoga but the mat is only 1.5mm thick. It'll lie flat on most surfaces but the corners can roll up occasionally.


In a nutshell, the Manduka eKO Superlite mat is a safe bet if you want a durable and high-performance travel mat for yoga. It has excellent reviews from buyers and is justifiably popular in the yoga community. If you want more cushion, audition the thicker-but-heavier Manduka PRO travel yoga mat.

Reasons to Buy

  • Lightweight yoga travel mat

  • Folable, lightweight yoga travel

  • Grippy and durable

  • Easy to pack and clean

Reasons to Skip


  • Faint rubber smell initially

  • Only 1.5mm thick

Best Lighweight

5. Best For Hot Yoga: Yoga Design Lab Travel Yoga Mat + Towel

“The best travel yoga mat for sun, sand, and intense Hot Yoga workouts.”


Key Specs:

  • Microfiber and rubber

  • 2-in-1 product

  • Size: 70” x 24”

  • 1.5mm thickness

  • Weighs 3.5lbs

  • Foldable

  • Available in 6 colors

The YDL travel mat + towel combines two of the most essential travel accessories. It’s available in three thicknesses – 1.5, 3.5, and 5.5mm. We tested the thinnest version since we were hunting for the best travel mat for yoga. All variants are foldable and avaiable in vibrant designs printed with water-based inks.

What we think:

To be clear, this is one product – a towel bonded to a rubber mat. Tha mat has a PET microfiber top made of 15 plastic bottles and a non-Amazonian rubber base. It's 1.5mm thick, weighs 3.5 lbs, and comes with a carrying strap. The surface is soft and ultra-absorbent, and the rubber base grips the ground to provide superior stability. The mat scores top marks for grip, stability, and cushioning.


That said, this is not the most lightweight option in the current market, barely lighter than the YDL cork mat. But it’s unique because you don’t need to carry a mat and towel separately to class or while traveling. The prints are eye-catching and come with a no-fade guarantee. The yoga mat can be machine washed, although the manufacturer recommends hand-washing for a longer lifespan.

Reasons to Buy

  • Soft top and sticky base

  • Excellent wet and dry grip

  • Ideal for Hot Yoga

  • Prints are gorgeous

Reasons to Skip


  • Relatively heavy

Best for Hot Yoga

6. Best Cushion: Jade Travel Yoga Mat

“The best travel yoga mat for supporting sensitive joints.”


Key Specs:

  • Rubber yoga mat

  • Size: 68” x 24”

  • 1.5mm thickness

  • Weighs 3.2 lbs

  • Foldable

  • 4 color options

Ultra-thin mats are light but not supportive on hard surfaces. Conversely, this 3mm travel yoga mat weighs 3 lbs, folds flat, and provides extra support for your bony bits. It won't weigh your suitcase down and won't let your joints down either. Moreover, the mat is available in 68" or 74” length, so its works for everyone.


What we think:


This is an all-natural yoga mat made of premium toxin-free rubber. It’s lightweight, grippy, and well-cushioned but can fold up compact to fit in a backpack. The closed-cell construction makes it easy to clean, but you’ll need to add a towel over it for sweaty flows in tropical climates. 

The Jade travel yoga mat can handle the toughest practice with its ample cushion and superior traction. More importantly, the sticky surface provides excellent grip to prevent sliding when posing. Yogis will appreciate that it’s renewable and sustainable, and Jade gives back by planting a tree for every mat sold.

Reasons to Buy

  • Non-toxic natural rubber mat

  • Free of harmful chemicals

  • Sticky surface, solid grip

  • Eco-friendly and renewable

Reasons to Skip


  • Slightly heavy

  • Fishy smell initially

  • Not ideal for outdoor use

Best Cushion

7. Best Premium: Lieforme Travel Yoga Mat

“Premium and patented, this grab-and-go yoga mat is the best money can buy!”


Key Specs:

  • Natural rubber mat

  • Size: 74.8” x 25.98”

  • 1.5mm thickness

  • Weighs 5lbs

  • Foldable

  • Available in 8 colors

Liforme is one of the top yoga mat brands, famed for making high-performance yoga mats for all skill levels and yoga styles. We've featured the travel version of the Liforme Original mat that retains the best features of the flagship product with a lighter footprint for portability. The yoga mat is 2mm thick, weighs 3.5lbs, and rolls up easily to carry around on your travels.


What we think:


This travel yoga mat has 3 layers – a PU top, a rubber base, and a felt layer between the two that provides extra cushioning for your joints. It also features patented markers and lines that help maintain proper alignment. Additionally, it’s slightly longer and wider, makig it an excellent choice for for taller yogis.

The Lieforme yoga mat scores an A on grip, durability, and design. Its alignment system lets you flow with accuracy and the stick top prevents slipping and sliding.  The rubber base is super stable and the patented surface material exhibits superior grip when dry or soaking wet. Yogis will also appreciate that it's non-toxic, biodegradable, and ships with recyclable outer packaging. It costs a king's ransom, but the premium looks and performance justify its 3-figure price.

Reasons to Buy

  • Patented top for superior grip

  • Excellent size for tall yogis

  • Alignment markers

  • Available in many colors

Reasons to Skip


  • Pricey

Best Premium

Final Verdict: Prana Sutra Picks

We recommend the YOGO Ultralight Foldable Travel Yoga Mat for its high performance and ingenious design. It's features built-in carry straps that make it ideal for ubranites, subway commuters, and all types of nomads.

The market-tested Manduka eKO Superlite Travel Yoga Mat is lightweight, durable, supportive, eco-friendly, and reasonably priced. With high scores on all attributes, it's the best travel mat for yoga on the market.


Lastly, the Yoga Design Lab Travel Yoga Mat + Towel is our top pick for Hot Yoga, sweaty hands, and tropical weather. It features a printed microfiber surface with a rubber base and is available in 1.5, 3.5, and 5.5mm thicknesses.

Buying Advice: How to Pick the Best Yoga Travel Mat 

As always, we recommend investing in high-quality yoga equipment that suits your needs. You can only enjoy it for a long time if it meets your expectations and supports your practice. Here are five attributes to consider when you shop to ensure you get the best bang for your buck -




Travel yoga mats should be durable, easy to clean, and lightweight. Most of the products in this category are made of PVC, PER, Jute, and natural rubber. We recommend natural materials because they are good for your practice and the planet, but they come with an uptick in price.




Travel yoga mats should be 1.5mm to 4mm thick. A 1.5mm thin mat is the lightest but can feel like a napkin under you. Moreover, it won't like completely flat and the ends may lift up with the slightest breeze. A thicker mat will have better cushioning but more weight.




Weight is a key factor to consider when you pick travel yoga mats. Your best bet is something between 1 to 4 pounds as it will be easy to carry and won't weigh down your suitcase. You can also invest in a carrying strap to wear your mat cross-body while you travel or bike around.


Travel-friendly Features


Travel can mean different things to different people. You may need a travel yoga mat for a short weekend retreat, backpacking continents, or practicing in the park on a sunny day. The best fit for you should have features that support your needs and applications.


Cost-Value Ratio


The cost of a travel yoga mat ranges from $25 to $125. All options on our list give you the best bang for your buck, but the value is highly subjective. Generally speaking, we recommend buying top-rated products from reputable brands, preferably made of natural and eco-friendly materials. Frequent travelers should invest in a premium product that can withstand hectic traveling.

Buyer Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a yoga mat fit in a suitcase or carry-on luggage?

A standard yoga mat can be rolled compact to fit in a suitcase, but it won't fit in carry-on luggage. You can look up specially designed travel yoga mats that can fold down to the size of a newspaper (10" x 12"). They can can be stored easily in a laptop bag or the outer pocket of carry-on luggage. 

Can a yoga mat be folded?


You can only fold thin yoga mats designed specifically for traveling. Regular yoga mats resist folding and needed to be rolled up for storage. They may develop cracks or marks if you fold them instead of rolling.

Can you carry a yoga mat on a plane?

Most airlines won't allow passengers to carry a standard yoga mat in their carry-on luggage and it needs to be checked in. You may carry a foldable travel mat if it fits your carry-on bag. However, the rules vary among airlines, so it's best to contact them beforehand to avoid confusion.


Our Review Process

We independently research, vet, and/or test yoga equipment for all of our reviews and buying guids. Our editorial team consults yoga influencers, instructors and fitness experts identify the best attributes to look for in a particular product.


In this articles, we researched more than a dozen travel yoga mats and read 1k+ reviews from other users. We listed seven different mats that work for any type of traveller, hoping you can leave with a definitive decision.

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