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10 Best Yoga Mat Cleaners to Revive Your Mat & Practice 

Manduka and Asutra Yoga Mat Cleaners are a top choice to keep your mat pristine and odor-free.


Last Update on Janary 9, 2023

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  • Looking for a way to keep your yoga mat dirt, sweat, and odor free?

  • A natural, non toxic and effective yoga mat cleaner can help

  • Use this expert guide to find the best cleaner spray for yoga mats

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Sweat, dirt, and body oils form an icky layer on yoga mats that make them look filthy and smell repulsive. Routine cleaning involves a wipe down after each session, but you can go a step further and use a high-quality cleaner to refresh it. 


All-purpose cleaners won't cut it. They contain chemicals that may ruin the integrity of a yoga mat. You can make a yoga mat cleaner at home if you rock a DIY ethos, but many of us are too busy (or lazy) to wipe down a mat after practice, let alone make DIY cleaners. Luckily, store-bought yoga mat cleaners can help.

What's the Best Yoga  Mat Cleaner: Short Answer

The Manduka Mat Wash and Refresh impresses on all counts, making it our top pick among yoga mat cleaners on the market. The Asutra Organic Yoga Mat Cleaner has the best variety of scents and comes with a free cleaning cloth. Studio or gym owners can buy the Cuccio Somatology Yoga Mat Cleaner (32oz). 

We consulted manufacturers, yoga teachers, and a dermatologist to get a broad perspective on how to pick a yoga mat cleaner. Based on their inputs, we rounded up seven top-rated yoga mat cleaners with nontoxic ingredients, high-quality essential oils, and a reasonably-sized bottle with an effective nozzle. Our top picks cover all prices points and are safe for all yoga mat materials. 


Here are the best yoga mat cleaners you can buy online right now. 

What's Covered:

The Best Yoga Mat Cleaners

  1. Manduka Mat Wash and Refresh 

  2. TreActiv Yoga Mat Cleaner

  3. Muse Bath Apothecary Mat Cleaner 

  4. Lutava Flow Yoga Towel

  5. Yoga Design Lab Yoga Towel

  6. Gaiam Yoga Towel

  7. Jade Yoga Towel

How to Pick a Yoga Mat Cleaner Spray


  1. What do you spray on a yoga mat?

  2. How often do you clean a yoga mat?

  3. Can you clean a yoga mat with an all-purpose spray?

  4. Can I use Febreze on a yoga mat?

  5. Can I use Clorox wipes to clean a yoga mat?

Top Picks

1. Best Overall: Manduka Yoga Mat Cleaner

"A highly effective non-toxic yoga mat cleaner with a subtle fragrance."


Key Features:

  • 4, 8, or 32-oz bottles

  • Lemongrass fragrance

  • 100% natural ingredients

  • Non-toxic, pet-friendly

  • Safe for all materials

The Manduka Mat Wash and Refresh is a non toxic yoga mat cleaner made with essential oils and plant-based ingredients. It's available in 3 scents (lemongrass, ginger grass, and lavender) in 4, 8, or 32-oz bottles. This yoga mat cleaner is made from natural ingredients, so it's pet-friendly and safe for skin contact. Moreover, it is safe for all materials and comes in a recyclable plastic bottle.

What we think:

The Manduka Refresh is easily the best yoga mat cleaner we tested for both open and closed-cell mats. We tried the 4 oz lavender and 8 oz ginger grass yoga mat cleaning sprays. In both cases, the scent is pleasing without feeling overwhelming, even with your face on the yoga mat. Lavender is perfect for relaxing and ginger grass's earthy/spicy aroma is best to lift your spirit before a yoga session.


The yoga mat cleaner does a stellar job at removing surface dirt and odor. There is no slippery residue and the nozzle pump mists evenly, with little-to-no wastage. However, it is slightly cumbersome to spritz a 72" yoga mat with a 4 oz bottle. The 8 oz yoga mat spray is perfect for most applications and 32 oz works for home use (it's too big to carry around). This product is not available is a 16 oz bottle.

Best Overall
Best Value

2. Best Value: Asutra Organic Yoga Mat Cleaner

"The best yoga mat cleaners with scented and unscented options."


Key Features:

  • 4oz bottle plastic bottle

  • Scented or unscented

  • Non toxic, skin-friendly, 

  • Safe for all yoga mats

  • Free towel included

This is an all-natural, water-based yoga mat cleaner with essential oil infusions. It is safe to use around plants and pets and suitable for all yoga mat materials. The cleaner spray comes in a variety of scents and with a free microfiber cleaning cloth. You can even buy a 2-pack for a better price, a 3-pack to explore fragrances, and a refill when you run out. But the largest size is an 8oz spray bottle.

What we think:


​This yoga mat cleaner is in a league of its own, with nearly 8k glowing reviews on Amazon. It is available in a unscented or scented 8oz bottle, with the latter including Lemon, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Mint, or Calming Citrus scents. The cleaner is non-sticky and non-irritating, with an effective nozzle that mists without undue wastage. It does not discolor or damage yoga mats, regardless of material. The Uplifting Eucalyptus Yoga Mat Cleaner is our favorite, but we tout the unscented version as the best yoga mat cleaner for yogis sensitive to smells

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3. Best for Studio Owners: Cuccio Somatology Yoga Mat Cleaner and Disinfectant

The best yoga mat cleaner for teachers and gym/studio owners


Key Features: 

  • 32 oz plastic bottle with spray nozzle

  • Contains Mastiha and other natural ingredients

  • Uplifting minty fragrance

  • Suits all types of mats

This quart of yoga mat cleaning liquid is ideal for studio owners, more so because it is all-natural, non-sticky, and non-irritating. The ingredient list is super clean, with a blend of Mastiha, Aloe Vera, Eucalyptus, and Witch Hazel. The plastic spray bottle has a trigger nozzle that sprays evenly and efficiently. Additionally, you can use the cleaner for all types of fitness equipment, regardless of material.


What we think:

The Cuccio Yoga Mat Cleaner boasts a plant-based formula with plant-based ingredients and a subtle fragrance. It disinfects, dries quickly, and does not leave any sticky residue. Moreover, the cleaner contains Mastiha (or mastika resin) that's known for it's musky and earthy aroma, reminiscent of fresh pine wood. The bottle is too huge to carry in a gym bag or purse, but this yoga mat cleaner is perfect if you own a yoga studio or a good amount of yoga props.

Best For Studios

4. Best Customer Reviews: Mind Over Lather Natural Yoga Mat Cleaner

"A top-rated yoga mat cleaner with nearly 2k glowing customer reviews."


Key Features: 

  • 8 oz cleaner spray

  • Natural & alcohol-free

  • Contains Witch Hazel, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, and Mint

  • Safe on all yoga mats

Touted by Yoga Journal, this all-natural Mind Over Lather product has consistently been a bestseller on Amazon. It is a non toxic yoga mat cleaner made with distilled water, witch hazel, and a blend of essential oils. It's alcohol-free, skin-friendly, and perfectly safe on any yoga mat. In fact, you can use this cleaner on just about anything that smells stale.

What we think:


This alcohol-free cleaner is non-sticky, non-irritating and safe for all mat materials. It removes dirt, germs, and odor thanks to the blend of antimicrobial essential oils and Witch Hazel (a natural disinfectant). Expect a refreshing lavender aroma with hints of eucalyptus & tea tree oil. The subtle, calming scent also doubles up as a calming air freshener, pre-workout mist, or contact cleaner for yoga towels. Moreover, this yoga mat cleaner has over 1k+ glowing customer reviews, making it a safe bet to audition for your practice.

Best Customer Reviews

5. Best Natural: Gaiam Yoga Mat Cleaner

"The best natural yoga mat cleaner with USDA certification and great reviews."


Key Features:

  • 8 oz plastic bottle

  • Natural & alcohol-free

  • Contains Witch Hazel, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, and Mint

  • Suitable for all types of yoga mats.

Gaiam is one of the best brands manufacturing high-quality and affordable yoga mats. Unsurprisingly, their cleaner spray for yoga mats is trendy among yoga teachers and practitioners. It is available in a gym bag-friendly 4 oz bottle and made with natural ingredients, including Tea Tree and other essential oils. The cleaner has an uplifting citrusy scent and safe for all yoga mat materials.

What we think:

Gaiam knows the ins and outs of mat cleaning, so there are no surprises here. The mat cleaner is non-toxic, skin/pet friendly, and highly effective at removing dirt and odor from a yoga mat's surface. The pocket-sized bottle is portable but mists effectively withouastage. The cleaner leaves no slippery residue and can be used for all materials. Gaiam does not offer an 8-oz or 16-oz bottle, but if this size works, you can order this USDA-certified yoga mat cleaner with buyer confidence

Best Natural
Best Multi-Use

6. Best Multi-Use: EuroSpa Aromatics Yoga Mat Cleaner Spray

"Large sprays (like this one) are the best way to spritz a mat quickly."


Key Features: 

  • 16 oz cleaner spray

  • Eucalyptus & lavender

  • No harsh chemicals 

  • Suitable for all yoga mats.

  • Comes with a microfiber towel.

EuroSpa Aromatics offers a premium 2-in-1 cleaner and deodorizer for all yoga mat materials. It's made with natural and plant-based ingredients and is free of harmful chemicals. The cleaner spray can be used on both sides of a mat to remove stains, grime, and odor. It's has a relaxing Lavender fragrance and is available in a 2 oz bottle that you can carry everywhere.

What we think:


Spray nozzles of 4 or and 8-oz cleaners mist rather than spray. Misting can be tedious if you want to clean both sides of a yoga mat. On the other hand, the EuroSpa yoga mat cleaner comes in a 16oz bottle with a large salon-style nozzle. It's easy to use, highly effective, and does not make a yoga mat feel slippery. Moreover, it's infused with lavender oil, so a soothing floral scent lingers for a day after you use it. A 16oz bottle is not ideal to carry to class or studio, but you can buy an additional 2 oz yoga mat cleaner exclusively for your yoga bag.

Best Eco-friendly

7. Best Eco-Friendly: Treeborn Yoga Mat Cleaner

"Great ingredients in a glass bottle = the best mat cleaner for at home use."


Key Features:

  • 16 oz glass bottle

  • Mild lavender fragrance

  • Natural & plant-based

  • Soap and alcohol-free

  • Safe to use around pets

The TreeBorn Yoga is an alcohol-free yoga mat cleaner that removes dirt, sweat, body oils, and odors. It comes in a 16 oz glass bottle with a large, adjustable salon-style nozzle. The mat cleaner is effective but gentle, ensuring it doesn't erode or discolor a yoga mat's surface. Moreover, the non-irritating, natural formula is safe for plants and pets.

What we think:

The TreeBorn yoga mat cleaner has a French Lavender scent and contains Tea Tree essential oil to clear germs. The nozzle action is top notch and the ingredients are natural and non toxic. The cleaner is safe for all materials and can be used as a room freshener. We love that it comes in a glass bottle (no plastic), thereby winning our vote for the best eco-friendly and natural yoga mat cleaner. It's excellent for home use or studio owners. However, it is infused with Tea Tree essential oil, so it may not be safe to use around pets. 

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8. Best For Travel: TreeActiv Yoga Mat Cleaner

"This natural yoga mat cleaner is perfect for a quick mist to refresh your mat."


Key Features:

  • 4 oz bottle

  • Plant-based and non toxic

  • Witch Hazel , Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Tea Tree

  • Uplifting scent

  • Works for all yoga gear

The TreeActiv yoga mat cleaner is a plant-based spray containing Witch Hazel, Eucalyptus, Peppermit, and Tea Tree - a lovely concontion of antimicrobial essential oils. It works for all yoga mat materials, including rubber and cork. Moreover, the cleaner contains no soaps, solvents, parabens, bleach, or chemicals that ruin a yoga mat. According to the manufacturer, there are 1000+ sprays to be had from the travel-sized 4 oz bottle.

What we think:


This non toxic yoga mat cleaner was highly effective at removing grime and odor. It has an uplifting peppermint aroma, which may overwhelm yogis with sensitivity to smell. However, it contains Witch Hazel that is naturally hypoallergenic, so it's safe for the skin. The ingredients are plant-based, natural, and eco-friendly. The 4 oz bottle does a mess-free job and sprays well (for the size), but expect it to run out quick with repeated usage. We recommend it as the best yoga mat cleaner spray for a quick wipe down or pick-me-up mist at the start of class. 

Best For Travel

9. Best for Gifting: Muse Bath Apothecary Yoga Ritual Mat Cleaner Spray

"An elegant and non toxic yoga mat cleaner with a subtle fragrance."


Key Features:

  • 4 or 8 oz cleaner spray

  • Mint + Eucalyptus

  • pH balanced, non toxic

  • Mild citrus fragrance

  • Suits all types of mats.

  • Made in USA

The Muse Bath Apothecary yoga mat cleaner boasts a vegan formula with proprietary enzymes to break down stubborn stains and grime. It's pH-balanced formulation cleans and deodorizes yoga mats and props, regardless of material. The cleaner is made with 100% natural and cruelty-free ingredients and is available in 4 or 8-oz bottles, with options to buy a 2-pack on the cheap. 

​What we think:

Muse Bath Apothecary is elegant, affordable, and beautifully packaged. The spray is perfect for cleaning, deodorizing, or deep cleaning yoga mats. It dries quickly, leaving behind a very light Eucalyptus-mint scent that doesn't overwhelm the senses. The 8 oz bottle lasts reasonably long and fits easily in a purse or yoga mat bag. Overall, the Muse Bath Apothecary yoga mat cleaner looks and feels premium, but it's surprisingly affordable. Skip it if you like lingering solid scents, but consider it for day-to-day cleaning or as a gift for yoga enthusiasts.

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Best for Gifting

10. Best Wipes: Tidy Mat Yoga Cleaner Wipes

"This flip bottle of cleaning wipes is the next best thing to a mat spray."


Key Features: 

  • Flip-top plastic bottle

  • Non toxic & alcohol free

  • White Lavender scent

  • Pet and Skin-friendly

  • Safe for all types of mats

Tidy Mat Wipes are a water-based mat cleaner made with plant extracts. They remove germs, dirt, and grease without leaving a sticky residue. The wipes do not disinfect, but a wipe-down will refresh your yoga mat with a soothing lavender scent. They are safe for all mat materials, including PVC, rubber, and cork props.​

What we think:

The Tidy mat pack has 30 wipes that are safe to use on yoga equipment, yoga mats included. Wipes are multi-use and handy on the go. They fit easily into a purse or yoga mat bag, but they are more of a quick fix, not aimed for a deep cleanse. You’ll need more than one to clean both sides of a mat. So, it’s better to buy a 3-pack that lasts for a month at least.

Buyer Guide: How to Pick the Best Yoga Mat Cleaner

The best cleaning sprays clean are designed for routine cleaning before or after a yoga session. They should be effective are removing dirt, sweat, make up, and stains. Here are five things to consider when buying yoga mat cleaners:


Natural Non toxic Ingredients


We recommend buying a yoga mat cleaner made with natural ingredients, preferably plant based and alcohol free. However, the ingredients should also be effective at removing tough stains and grime. If you are not sensitive to smells buy cleaners with antimicrobial essential oils. Avoid cleaners with chemicals that are hazardous for your yoga mat and health. Don't settle for "eco-friendly" claims and choose products that back them up with certifications.

Essential Oils and Scents

Yoga mat cleaners contain essential oils for two reasons - aromatherapy and/or antimicrobial properties. Scented cleaning sprays either smell uplifting or calming. In either case, the scent should not be overwhelming. Try lavender if prefer a relaxing fragrance or mint/citrus you prefer a quick pick-me-up scent.  Essential oils like Tea Tree and Peppermint have powerful antimicrobial properties, which keep bacteria and bay if you cleanse your mat regularly. However, a yoga mat cleaner with Tea Tree oil isn't safe to use around pets. Also, we recommend an unscented yoga mat cleaner if you are sensitive to smells.



Yoga mat sprays are available in quantities ranging from 2 to 32 oz. Smaller bottles are portable and ideal for travel. They fit in a yoga mat carrier easily but run out quick. An 8 or 16-oz yoga mat cleaner lasts long, costs less, and sprays better, but it's not as portable or easy to pack. A 32 oz yoga mat spray is overkill unless you own a gym or yoga studio. 

Ease of Use:


Portability (size) and effective spraying/misting are crucial attributes of a good yoga mat spray. Depending on the size, the spray bottle will either have a misting pump or a salon-style trigger nozzle. The later is more convenient to use, but usually found in larger sizes. Either way, the nozzle of a yoga mat spray should disburse the cleaner evenly and without wastage or leakage.



The best yoga mat cleaners are definitely not the cheapest, but they don't need to be super expensive either. Products with organic, all-natural ingredients come with an uptick in price but are worth the money. Luckily, you can also make a mat cleaning solution at home if you are strapped for cash. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you spray on a yoga mat?


You can clean a yoga mat by spraying it with a store-bought yoga mat cleaner. Alternatively, you can also use a homemade cleaning solution made by mixing water with vinegar, baking soda, witch hazel and/or essential oils.

What is a yoga mat cleaner?

A yoga mat cleaner is a nontoxic spray designed specifically to clean fitness equipment without damaging their surface. Yoga mats last considerably longer with regular cleaning and maintenance, so it's a wise investment, too. Plus, you can use it for all types of fitness equipment like yoga wheels, blocks, and more.

Can clean a yoga mat with an all-purpose spray?


You should avoid using all-purpose cleaners to clean your yoga mat. They may contain alcohol or abrasive chemicals that can damage or discolor the surface of your mat. Check the product care instructions for exacting details.  

How often should you clean your yoga mat?


Routine cleaning for a yoga mat involves wiping it down with a clean damp cloth after each practice session. It's best to use a yoga mat spray for best results. Lastly, it's advised to deep cleanse a yoga mat once a month for best results.

Can you use Febreze on yoga mat?


Most yoga mat manufacturers warn against using chemical cleansers like Febreze. Firstly, they are not skin-friendly and alcohol is one of the ingredients of Febreze, which can potentially damage your mat. Second, it has a chemical smell that can be overwhelming when you face down on the mat during practice.

Can I use Clorox wipes to clean a yoga mat?

You should not use Clorox wipes to clean or disinfect a yoga mat. The ingredients can damage your mat and corrode the surface. If you want to use wipes, buy alcohol-free yoga mat cleaning wipes that are designed specifically for this task.

Why Trust Us


Hannah teaches Yin and Restorative Yoga. She owns a ton of mats and props that need cleaning on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Hannah combined her first-hand experience with 10+ hours of research to find the best yoga mat cleaning sprays on the market. Our top picks were compiled based on how effectively they do their job, the ingredients (organic, natural or plant-based only), fragrances (a variety of scented and unscented cleaners), and decently-sized bottles with effective misting and little-to-no wastage.

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