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You don't need the best yoga props to start your practice. But reliable gear and yoga accessories, even our frugal-yogi-editor agrees, are a surprisingly good investment, especially if they fit neatly in a suitcase. On the other hand, finding the top yoga props is neither fun nor easy. Chill. Get back into Corpse Pose. We've got you covered, below.

Yoga Mat

The 10 Best Yoga Mats
For Grip, Hot Yoga & More

Yoga Blocks

The 10 Best Yoga Blocks
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Yoga Mat

The 10 Best Yoga Blankets
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The 7 Best Yoga Straps For Safe and Deep Stretching

Yoga Design Lab's strap is our top pick, but Lotuscrafts or Manduka are equally adept to help you deepen your practice. 


The 6 Best Yoga Headstand Benches for Beginners

We tried six yoga headstand benches and found FeetUp, the sturdy OG of the category, to be our favorite.  


The 10 Best Yoga Wheels for Every Style and Budget

After 12 hours of rigorous testing, we are convinced that Sukha Mat offers the best yoga knee pads in today's market. 


A perfectly executed Plow Pose can be exhilarating, to pull-off or watch. Between that moment and now, there is a painstaking learning curve. It demands all the help (read: yoga accessories) you can get. We've tested and researched dozens of them to help you get there safely and effectively. 


The 7 Best Yoga Straps For Stretching w/ Reviews

Wood Yoga Blocks

The 10 Best Yoga Blocks To Aid and Assist Your Practice


The 7 Best Yoga Knee Pads to Cushion Your Joints

Pranayama Bolsters? 

Here are our top picks for 2022!