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7 Best Yoga Mat Straps, Carriers, and Slings on 2022


Last Update on 28th July, 2022

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  • Looking for hassle-free slings for hands-free commutes?

  • We review the best yoga mat straps, carriers, and slings of 2022

  • Check out these 7 yoga straps for stretching!

  • And, this buyer guide to the best yoga wheels.



Yoga is one of the best forms of exercise for physical and mental wellbeing [1]. Large or extra-thick yoga mats, on the other hand, can be exasperating while commuting.


It helps to invest in the best yoga mat straps, carriers or slings if you travel to and from a studio daily. Moreover, you can use the hands to do mudras on the move.

A yoga mat strap is an inexpensive tool to store and transport yoga mats. Roll up the yoga mat and secure it with the loops, velcro, rings, or quick-release buckles. Sling it across the back or wear it on the shoulder, and enjoy hands-free traveling. Easy-peasy!


Either way, don’t confuse these slings with yoga straps used to deepen stretches and avoid common yoga injuries [2]. But some of the picks in this roundup can double up as yoga stretching straps. So, if you get a dual-use mat strap, you can forgo the other.

For most buyers, straps only need to tick two boxes – durability and comfort. But in our research, we looked at the material, padding, stitching, adjustability, and price. Thereof, we compiled the best ones we found in the current market.

Top Picks: The Best Yoga Mat Straps, Slings, and Carriers in 2022


Our top pick, the Manduka Commuter Yoga Mat Carrier is durable and comfortable, with noise-free metal buckles to securely grip the mat while you commute.

The Tumaz Yoga Mat Strap, our best value pick, can serve the needs of every yogi. It's an inexpensive, no-frills add-on to keep your hands free and your yoga mat secure.

The Gaiam Easy-Cinch Yoga Mat Sling is the best overall option for its build quality, comfort, and pricing. It is robust, resonably priced, and can firmly grip any size mat.

Here are the seven best yoga mat straps and slings of 2022.

Best Overall: Manduka Commuter Yoga Mat Carrier | Read Review

Best Value: Tumaz Yoga Mat Strap | Read Review

Top Pick: Gaiam Easy-Cinch Yoga Mat Sling | Read Review

Best Boho: YogizMat Macrame Yoga Mat Strap | Read Review

Best Multi-Use: Manduka Go Play Yoga Mat Carrier w/ Pocket | Read Review

Most Durable: Sukhamat Yoga Mat Carry Strap | Read Review

Best Leather: Open Road Goods Faux Leather Yoga Mat Sling | Read Review


Sturdy, stylish, and thoughtfully designed, the Manduka Commuter yoga mat strap is a no-brainer for every type of yogi. This yoga mat carrier is made from cotton with sturdy inseams, solid metal buckles, and extra padding under the shoulder for carrying comfort. The best part is that this is a universal size mat strap (read: fits all mats), so you don’t need to do any math.


Key Features:

  • Cotton yoga mat carrier with metal buckles

  • 68" sling - Universal Size, fits all yoga mats

  • 1.5" width, 0.2 inches (5 mm) thickness

  • Can be used as a yoga strap for stretching

  • 3 color options


Our Review:

Manduka’s Commuter strap is the best yoga mat carrier we encountered in terms of build quality, materials, and ease of use. The buckles are noise-free and fasten tightly across the yoga mat, keeping it securely in place. No, your yoga mat won't unroll when you place it on the floor. You need to loosen the metal buckles on both ends to take the mat strap off. Yes, it's relatively pricey, but the mat carrier offers great value and won’t need a replacement for years to come.


2. Best Budget: Tumaz Yoga Mat Strap


Looking for an easy-to-use strap for lighter yoga mats? Tumaz offers a thick polyester cotton strap for yoga mats in two sizes - a 64" and 85" sling. The 2.5 mm thick mat strap features loops to adjust to the thickness of your mat. It’s durable, soft, and uses eco-friendly dyes. It can double up as a yoga strap to stretch safely during your practice. Lastly, Tumaz backs up their product with prompt replacement or full refund within a 70-day warranty period.


Key Features:

  • Loop-based polyester-cotton yoga mat sling

  • 1.5" width, 2.5 mm thick

  • Doubles up as a yoga stretching strap

  • 2 Sizes: 65" and 85"

  • 15+ color options


Our Review:

This is a highly functional and no-frills product, ideal for yogis on a budget. It has skin-friendly fabric with a delicate cotton-like texture. The aligned stiched, tight weave and extra-thickness make it a hard-wearing sling that won’t bruise your shoulder when used as a mat carrier. Plus, it boasts 8k+ glowing customer reviews


Gaiam is known to make yoga props and accessories that are affordable and trustworthy. Their yoga mat strap is no exception. For $9.99, you get a 36.5-inch nylon mat sling with metal D-ring sliders in four color options. The D-ring slide on/off easily to grip your mat and stays secure while you commute to and from the studio. However, we recommend the Manduka mat carrier if you are tall and intend to wear the strap as a messenger bag.

Key Features:

  • Nylon yoga mat sling with metal D-rings

  • 36.5" x 1" (L x W)

  • Cannot be used as a yoga strap

  • 4 color options


Our Review

The Gaiam Easy-Cinch Yoga Mat Sling is lightweight, durable, and wallet-friendly. The strap may not be the best-looking but it is as sturdy and functional as any. The d-rings, material, and stitching are impressive. Nylon lacks the skin feel of cotton and can feel coarse against the skin. On the plus side, you can wash and dry it often and won’t need a replacement anytime soon.


YogizMat offers a handmade macrame yoga mat strap made from natural cotton and fitted with wooden rings. It is available in black, white, and braided white. At 66-inches, the mat strap is long enough for all types of yoga mats and can be used as a yoga (stretching) strap . It’s not water or weather resistant, but can bed spot cleaned or hand washed following the care instructions.


Key Features:

  • Macrame handwoven yoga mat strap

  • 66-inch sling length

  • Degradable cotton material

  • Doubles up as a yoga stretching strap

  • 3 color options

Our Review:


The YogizMat Macrame Yoga Mat Strap complements cotton, cork, and boho yoga mats like nobody's business. If that's your jam, this all-natural, handwoven mat strap is undoubtedly the best choice for you. The yoga mat carrier is easy to adjust, multi-use and feels comfortable on the shoulder. It will turn heads, which is a great feeling, but more importantly, the material is renewable and fully degradable. So, you can look great and feel great while you use it.


The Manduka Go Play mat carrier goes an extra step to help you to keep it together while you are on the go. This is an adjustable yoga mat strap with extra storage, suitable for mats of all shapes and sizes. Made from OEKO-TEX certified polyester, it is water-resistant fabric and hard-wearing. It features quick-release buckles and a large 8" x 12" pocket to store personal items like your phone, keys, and wallet. For better or worse, it is only available in black.

Key Features:

  • Polyester yoga mat carrier

  • 43.75” strap

  • 8” x 12” pocket

  • Quick-release buckles

  • Water and weather resistant


Our Review:


Manduka Go Play is one of the sturdiest mat carriers, regardless of the weight and thickness of your mat. It is easy to adjust and can be used as a messenger bag with no yoga mat attached to it. The mat strap itself is sturdy, weather resistant, and easy to clean. It has quick-release buckles, as opposed to D-rings, which are more secure and easier to use. Overall, it’s the best choice if you want yoga mat carriers or strings with extra storage.


The SukaMat Strap is made from a thick, tightly woven poly-cotton blend with easy-cinch loops and a key-ring eyelet. The strap is 2.54 mm thick, 65 inches long, and 1.5 inches wide. It’s available in 3 color options (eco-friendly dyes) that can be hand washed and dried flat. Lastly, it’s designed to double up as a yoga stretching strap, adding more value to your purchase.


Key Features:

  • Loop-based polyester-cotton yoga mat strap

  • Size: 65" sling

  • 1.5" width, 0.1" (2.54 mm) thickness

  • Doubles up as a yoga stretching strap

  • 3 color options


Our Review:

The SukaMat Strap is a simple but reliable yoga mat carrier designed to fit yoga mats of any size. The sturdy stitching is reinforced with rivets for extra strength and durability. The extra thickness ensures that it won’t dig into your shoulder and the eyelet is useful to clip a pouch or keys to the mat strap. For under $10, the hassle-free return policy and lifetime guarantee ensure that you can order this yoga mat strap with unrivaled buyer confidence.


The Open Road Goods yoga mat strap is a classy take on cowhide leather slings. It's a multi-use vegan leather device with loops rivet-reinforced loops and high quality stitching. The loops can be adjusted between 4" to 8" to securely grip most yoga mats. The strap's length – 34-inches when fully open – is relatively less. However, it's tailored for mid-upper back placement, which prevents the mats from bouncing around during your commute.


Key Features:

  • Loop-based polyester-cotton yoga mat strap

  • Size: 65" sling

  • 1.5" width, 0.1" (2.54 mm) thickness

  • Doubles up as a yoga stretching strap

  • 3 color options


What we love:

This vegan leather yoga mat strap is sturdy, well made, and modestly priced. The faux leather material is eye-catching yet earth-friendly. Moreover, you can also use it for blankets, bed rolls, and picnic baskets on your days off. This is the best choice for an environmental-friendly faux leather yoga mat strap. Plus, it’s from a small business audited for fair working conditions.


For a real leather mat strap, consider Hide & Drink’s Bourbon Brown Leather Yoga Mat Strap.


BUYER GUIDE: How to choose the best
yoga mat straps, carriers, and slings?

Yoga mat carriers, straps, and slings are relatively simple contraptions, but there are still a few key points to bear in mind when you shop for the best one. Below, we get into the things to watch out for and a few dos and don’ts to find the right companion for your commute.




Unless you want to buy a new strap frequently, choose a robust yoga mat strap or sling, one with a tight weave and made of hard-wearing material. In this regard, metal or quick-release buckles outperform Velcro and snaps. A polyester-cotton blend is generally the best option among the types available. Also, cotton and macramé straps tend to fray over time, especially if you wash them frequently. Less sturdy materials may also rip or tear over time with regular use.




Considering a yoga mat strap will bear down on your shoulder, it should be thick and comfortable enough for long commutes. Rough or unwieldy straps can cause discomfort if you have a heavy or thick yoga mat. Straps with additional shoulder padding are ideal. However, there are very few of those in the current market. Among the rest, it’s best to choose a strap or sling made from cotton, polyester, or macramé with 1.5 mm thickness or more.




You should ensure that the yoga carrying strap, handle, or sling fits your yoga mat before you purchase it. Secondly, the strap should fit your body and feel comfortable when you use it as a sling. The best length varies from person to person based on your stature, height, and preferences. We have mentioned the strap length of all products in the reviews. However, you may opt for a universal size yoga mat strap if you don’t want to do the math.


Additional Features:


While most manufacturers prefer to keep it simple, some yoga mat carriers, straps, and slings have the lure of additional features. The most common add-on is the ability to use it as a strap for stretching. Some products also integrate zippered pouches or detachable pockets for personal items and key-ring eyelets to hook your keys. The additional features generally come with an uptick in the price. IMO, A no-frills mat carrier is the best choice for the sake of simplicity.

Frequenty Asked Questions

How do you carry a yoga mat around?

A yoga mat carrier strap or sling is the best way to carry your yoga mat while walking, riding a bicycle, or commuting to a studio. These adjustable mat slings are designed to securely grip your yoga mat for easy transport and to keep your hands free to do other things.

What is the best length for a yoga mat strap?

You can choose any adjustable yoga mat strap but those over 60-inches in length will fit yoga mats of any size. Among non-adjustable straps, shorter lengths work fine if you prefer to sling the yoga mat over your shoulder, but it will rest on the mid or mid-upper back. Opt for a strap with 65” -68” length if you want to sling the yoga mat over like a messenger bag.

Can yoga mat straps be used for other things?

You can use a yoga mat strap to carry any item of an identical size or weight, as long as the carrying mechanism works. Most commonly, these straps are used to carry yoga towels, blankets, picnic baskets, and other rolled items. Secondly, most full-size yoga mat straps can double up as a stretching straps to increase flexibility and range of motion.

Can I use my yoga strap to carry my mat?

You can you a yoga strap to carry a mat if it has loops or metal d-rings. However, most yoga mat carrier straps can also double up as yoga stretching straps. If you buy one designed for dual use, you do not need to buy a yoga strap especially for stretching.

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