Who We Are

"Prana Sutra is the unfettered beauty of a Lotus blossoming in filth and mud."

Prana Sutra is a public wellness resource dedicated to sharing content, training, and courses to promote and support your spiritual journey. We provide authentic information and insights to forge a more meaningful and mindful life. 


Our intent is to help you explore, experiment and adopt simple yet profound ways to cultivate a more compassionate self, and subsequently a better society. 


We welcome you to the yoga community and hope our resources will help you foster a steadfast routine with authentic spiritual and self-care practices.

Our team is an amalgamation of yoga teachers, scholars, and illustrators. We are a reader-supported website that aims to build an interactive relationship with our audience to become a meaningful voice in the community.


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What Do We Do

"One who performs actions without attachments and expectations as an offering to the Divine is untouched by Karma, just as a lotus leaf is untouched by water”.


We all have the ability to steady and steer our body and mind, but we struggle in the throes of the modern zeitgeist to keep our composure and be thoughtful or present.


Our content is designed to hep your form daily practices that bring focus, mental clarity, and wellness into your daily experience.

Our times call for self-awareness, better health, and compassion. We believe the human breath is a doorway to personal growth, spiritual upliftment, and social change.


While we aren't primarily a social initiative, we do feel like balanced individuals can transform the world. 


Thank you!

How Do We Do It

We are fully aware of the dwindling attention spans of the 21st century, but we've chosen not to sojourn it. In our humble opinion, it feels counterproductive to reduce the profundity of spiritual traditions to actionable bullet points. As best, they are a hot bed for misinterpretations that lack context.

Though the marketing gurus may disagree, we find it both ironic and apathetic to succumb to this malaise. All ancient wisdom and spiritual traditions has been passed down through the exquisite (and lost) art of storytelling. 


We hope to find engaging ways to rekindle that art as we chronicle valuable information. In doing so, we'll reconcile known ideas of narration that are practicable, palatable, and captivating.    

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